#Colorful Recipes

Stuffed Green Peppers without meat!

By Beth M.
Green peppers always look so pretty stuffed, and I don't want any meat tonight.Also,I like to...

Lymon Lyme Konfetti Potato Salad

By Sherri Williams
This salad is great for any occasion. The multi-colored potatoes and colorful fresh veggies makes...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cupcakes

By Carrie Brannon
These Adorable Cupcakes are perfect for Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, or Classroom Treats!!

Cranberries-Pear Crisp with added Blueberries

By Beth M.
Thanks to Carol Junkins and her group on JAP, I tried making her suggestion of Cranberry-Pear...

Brownie Cheesecake Swirl

By Theresa Preece
Super sweet and yummy dessert that you can change up with colors to celebrate whatever you...

Winter Squash - mashed and simple

By Beth M.
These are the easiest ever directions I've used for cooking fresh Butternut squash! When I agreed to...

Bean Salad -Aunt Virginia's Recipe

By Beth M.
I found this in my Mom's handwriting, and it was "delicious" according to my Mom. ...

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

By Beth M.
This idea appealed to me, after I went to an Applefest in a nearby town. ...

Oven-Roasted Vegetables

By Beth M.
As soon as the chilly weather arrives and the foliage begins to change, I yearn for...

Curried Fruit - Joyce's Recipe Shared

By Beth M.
My favorite sister-in-law, Joyce, is a wonderful cook, fun to be with, generous and a hard...

Quick Zucchini Pepper Saute'

By Rose Mary Mogan
Created this for dinner from ingredients I had on hand at the time. My husband and...

Marinated Calico Salad

By Kathy Schroeder
I made this for my family reunion last summer. I doubled the recipe, and within 30...

Cranberry Bacon Sweet Potatoes-Annette's

By Annette W.
I made these for the my hubby, dad and son for Thanksgiving instead of my usual...

Tangy Apple & Raisin Cole Slaw W/ Splenda

By Rose Mary Mogan
This Tangy Apple Cole Slaw is one of my family favorites, it seems I have been...

Family Reunion Pasta Salad

By Mary Kay Nugent
Great Salad for your summer gatherings...it is crisp, cool, flavorful and something different. It makes alot...

Purple Passion Cabbage Stew

By Millie Johnson
Even my nieces who were picky eaters loved this. When their mom asked them why they...

Strawberry & Romaine Salad

By Martha Williams
This salad is simple to prepare and makes a beautiful presentation. The combination of flavors are...


By Ellen Bales
This awesome dish has been called 5-Cup Salad, Ambrosia, plain ol' Fruit Salad--you name it. Whatever...

Winter Strawberries

By Mary Kay Nugent
My holiday cookie tray would be complete without these little morsels. They could be call...


By Ellen Bales
This recipe (and photo) comes from Tasteofhome.com, from their Country Extra magazine. It looks SO good,...

Beets in Orange Sauce

By Win Spicer
Beets are really healthy for you. We enjoy them year round. I like to...

Cherry Tomato Grapes Salad

By Neela rufus
The salad kit our generous neighbor gave, had a stash of my favorite cherry tomatoes in...

Marble Mint & Chips Layer Cake

By Rose Mary Mogan
I made this quick and easy cake mix as an extra dessert for our St Paddy's...

Colored Lemons

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Have easter egg coloring kit leftovers, or want to make a pretty punch These are so...
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