#Cole Slaw Recipes

Broccoli Slaw Recipe

Broccoli Slaw

By Marianne Gleason
You can have this slaw made in the time it takes you to fry some bacon!...
New Netherlands Cole Slaw Salad Recipe

New Netherlands Cole Slaw Salad

By Kim Biegacki
This is also considered (Hot Cabbage Salad) and was first introduced to America by the Holland...
Purple Cabbage Raisin Cole Slaw Recipe

Purple Cabbage Raisin Cole Slaw

By Gia Peterkin Trower
Why do they call a red cabbage red, when it is really purple? Here is...
Easy Homemade Cole Slaw Recipe

Easy Homemade Cole Slaw

By Megan Todd
Cole slaw is a side dish we had often growing up. Almost always homemade. It's a...
Skinny Cole Slaw By Nor Recipe

Skinny Cole Slaw by Nor

By Nor Mac
I love Cole slaw, but the fat is unbelievable in it. This is a healthy Coleslaw...
Tastes Just Like Kfc Coleslaw Recipe

Tastes Just Like KFC Coleslaw

By Cheryl Culver
We like KFC, I know they get a lot of bad comments but the cole slaw...
Feiny's Bison Bacon Reuben Burger Recipe

Feiny's Bison Bacon Reuben Burger

By Adam Feinberg
If you like burgers you are going to LOVE this one. Two sandwiches in ONE…...
Cranberry Jalapeno Cole Slaw Recipe

Cranberry Jalapeno Cole Slaw

By Garrison Wayne
This Cole Slaw is definitely not sweet and goes extremely well with grilled meats. The jalapeno...
Confetti Coleslaw Recipe

Confetti Coleslaw

By Sena Wilson
It is almost the end of summer and bar-b-que's will be replaced by stews and chile...
Popeye's® Famous Cole Slaw (healthier Version) Recipe

Popeye's® Famous Cole Slaw (Healthier Version)

By Teresa Pendino
My hubby's favorite; even my non cole-slaw eating boys loved it! Serving Size 1 Cup Cals: 81, Total...
Crack Slaw Recipe

Crack Slaw

By Teresa Pendino
They call this "Crack Slaw" with good reason (so I just found out). Just can't stop...
Deep Fried Catfish W/ Appalichian Cole Slaw Recipe

Deep Fried Catfish w/ Appalichian Cole Slaw

By Gina Davis
Lord we love us some catfish here, well really all fish here. Me and my husband...
Easy Caribbean Island  Coleslaw Recipe

Easy Caribbean Island Coleslaw

By Nor Mac
This is my version of a coleslaw, I had on a trip to St. Kitts...
Poppy Seed Cole Slaw Recipe

Poppy Seed Cole Slaw

By Garrison Wayne
Cole Slaw is an all-time favorite in most households. I created this recipe for my Labor...
Crispy Corned Beef Melts Recipe

Crispy Corned Beef Melts

By Amy Herald
You can make this a Reuben sandwich with sour kraut, but I'm not a fan of...