#Cola Recipes

Bonnies Barbeque Pork Chops Recipe

Bonnies Barbeque Pork Chops

By Bonnie Oechsle
I have always loved reading recipes but I have found that I rarely follow them exactly......
Slow Cooker Cola Chicken Recipe

Slow Cooker Cola Chicken

By donna sutton
Definitely kid approved :) I usually serve it over rice or egg noodles. I have also...
Bbq Cola Wings Recipe

BBQ Cola Wings

By Gail Welch
I got this recipe several years ago out of an old cookbook. I prefer omitting...
Rum And Coke Baked Black Beans Recipe

Rum and Coke Baked Black Beans

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
Part one of my Ninja Chef Challenge picture borrowed
Dark Cherry Cola Salad With Cream Cheese And Pecans Recipe

Dark Cherry Cola Salad with Cream Cheese and Pecans

By Kelly Williams
I have been making this since I was in highschool! It is a wonderful jello salad...
Cola Candy Bites Recipe

Cola Candy Bites

By Kathie Carr
I got this recipe from a friend. She makes it for our church bazaar and its...
Coca-cola Cake Recipe

Coca-Cola Cake

By Teresa Bryant
My friend gave me a cook book she got from the Coca-cola bottling company. I...
Coca-cola Pecan Pie Recipe

Coca-cola Pecan Pie

By Teresa Bryant
I got this cake from a Coca-cola cook book my friend gave me. I make...
Coca Cola Cake Recipe

Coca Cola Cake

By Mary Kay Nugent
I got this recipe from a family friend many years ago when the Coca-Cola cakes became...
Chocolate Cherry Coke Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Coke Cake

By Melissa Turner
This recipe reminds me of chocolate covered cherries and makes awesome cupcakes for Valentines Day.
Cola Cupcakes Recipe

Cola Cupcakes

By Hope Adcox
Hmmm... Wonder if I could invent the Dr. Pepper cupcake? :D
Anita's Southern Barbecue Recipe

Anita's Southern Barbecue

By Susan Feliciano
We just had this at my daughter's house in Indianapolis. Her husband thinks it's the BEST...
Lime Cola Recipe

Lime Cola

By Cindi Bauer
This is "the best" Lime Cola ever. It's refreshing and delicious!! I came across this recipe...
Cherry Cola Braised Apples Recipe

Cherry Cola Braised Apples

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
When I was interning early last year, Chef J.J gave everyone an Amuse Bouche. For those...
Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake Recipe

Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake

By Gretchen ***
I love chocolate covered cherries and cherry coke. This cake has the flavor of both.
Cola Ribs Recipe

Cola Ribs

By Lovefoodies lovefoodies
Cola Ribs! You only have to look at the photo to know these are going to...