#Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Oct 7, 2019

Mexican Cornbread

By Francine Lizotte
Flavorful and delicious with a little zip, this cornbread goes so well with a variety of...
Feb 25, 2019

Mini Mexican Taco Bites

By Angie Esteves
These little bites will go very quickly. It'll be best to make a double batch.
May 9, 2017

House Margaritas

By Tere Gill
We like to make a double batch to take to barbecues and share. Remember to drink...
May 6, 2016

Easy Frozen Margaritas

By Lynette !
Great way to cool off in the summer at a barbecue or celebrate Cinco de Mayo!...
May 11, 2015

Beth's Taco Salad

By Cindy Davidson-Sole
This is my daughter, Beth's number one dish of all the dishes she makes. Yum Yum and...
May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Enchiladas

I was posting my dinner from last night and noticed that everyone was making something "south...
May 3, 2015

SW Grilled Chicken Sandwich

By Brad Nichols
I was looking for the ultimate southwestern grilled sandwich for Cinco de Mayo, and this turned...
May 1, 2015

~ Cinco de Mayo Burrito Bake ~

By Cassie *
My family has always loved this tasty casserole, with Cinco de Mayo right around the corner,...
Mar 26, 2015

Delicious Baked Mexican Spinach Fiesta Dip

By Family Favorites
We love this warm, creamy, cheesy dip year round. Always the first to go at our...
Feb 23, 2015

Mexican Flag Tacos

By debbie lopez
These soft shelled tacos have the colors of the Mexican flag. With layers of guacamole, sour...
Aug 8, 2014

Pepper Jack Huevos and Refried Beans

By Family Favorites
After vacationing in Mexico, I really missed all of the incredible food. This is the breakfast...
Aug 4, 2014


By andrea blanke
This is my late friend Stephanie's recipe. I think of her every time I make these....
May 2, 2014

Beef Tacos

By Letty W
These tacos are easy to make and yummy to eat. I serve them with rice...
Apr 10, 2014

Arroz (Spanish Rice)

By Letty W
Arroz can complement almost any main entrée. I hope you like this easy recipe.
Apr 10, 2014

Espinaso de Puerco (Pork)

By Letty W
This is a great dish which my mom used to make for our family and it...
Apr 4, 2014

Cheese Enchiladas (my mom's recipe)

By Letty W
My mom's cheese enchiladas. I remember when I was a little girl and she used...
Mar 29, 2014


By BonniE !
This is party food, people!! This pretty dish is a complete meal in one. You...
May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo "Horchata Pie" Cinnamon Rice Pudding

By C C
Slight variations from http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/dessert/pie/easter-rice-pie.html that make it taste just like the best Horchata (my favorite Mexican...
May 3, 2013

Festival of Flavor - Corn & Black Bean Salad

By Carol White
Fragrant, fresh, and full of flavor – here’s a salad that’s high on health and great...
May 1, 2012


I love just about everything that Mexican cuisine has to offer but put those ingredients into...
Apr 28, 2012

Super Easy Guacamole

By Erin Rigsby
This is my super easy guacamole recipe - always a hit!
Apr 28, 2012

Grilled Mexican-Style Steak recipe

Grill the steak the way you prefer it cooked and this will melt away in your...
Apr 28, 2012

Chicken & Green Chile Enchilada Casserole

Very Easy to make and Family will love it!
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