#Church Recipes

The Original Fruit Cocktail Cake

The Original Fruit Cocktail Cake-

By Mary R Morris
My Mom gave me this recipe back in the late 1970,s...I make it and take it...
Cheezit Casserole Before Oven

Chicken Cheez-It Casserole

By Juli Ricken
I love this recipe! It's easy, family and friends love it more! I serve it with...
Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb Cake

By mary Armstrong
Favorite from Theresa. This is delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Chocolate Peanut Buddy Bars

Chocolate Peanut Buddy Bars

By mary Armstrong
This recipe is from my mom. It is a Nestle Toll House recipe from way...
Apple Slices

Apple Slices

By mary Armstrong
Favorite recipe from Judy. These are the BEST. The secret to a crisp bottom crust is...
Super Easy Pecan Bars

Super easy Pecan Bars

By Marla Burton
So simple and easy to prepare! These yummies are delicious!
Easter Blue Almond Cookies

Easter Blue Almond Cookies

By Olivia Russell
Who wouldn't love these gorgeous delicious cookies? Try to limit yourself to just one. I dare...
Lemon Nut Upside 
Down Crunch Cake


By Nancy J. Patrykus
This is one of my long saved recipes from an old church cook book, published 65...
3 Bags And 2 Cups Rocky Road

3 Bags and 2 Cups Rocky Road

By Trish Tolleson
Be very careful this stuff is addictive. Everyone who eats it comes back for more,...