#Christmas Candy Recipes

Key Lime Coconut Bark

By Kimberly Biegacki
I have been looking around to find some different recipes to make for Easter this year...

TURTLE SHELLS (and Turtle Drumsticks) YUM!!!!

By Judy Drietz
Eye candy! So pretty and so delicious! My daughter got this recipe many years ago from...

Easy Chocolate Fudge

By Cindi M Bauer
This really is a quick and easy fudge recipe. And oh so good too! Enjoy it...

Christmas Crunch

By Christine Bronston
The perfect mix of sweet and salty!! YUMMMMM

Creamy Coconut Bon Bons

By Barbara Scott
Mmmm, these get better and creamier after a couple of days sitting out. Everyone requests...

Reindeer Poop

By Kathy Sandoz
This is very easy and quick. It makes a lot and is versatile. Drizzle with different...

Old Fashion Fudge

By Juanireen Trahan
Please note: the flavor of your fudge can be modified simply by adding any other flavoring...

Pretzel Window Panes

By Dave T.
Wonderful little treat for the holidays of just cause ya want one. Change the color of...

Little Candy Nuggets

By Lynn Socko
SO easy, lots of fun! These chocolate and vanilla coated nuts are the bomb!!

Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

By Beth Pierce
This easy microwave Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe has four ingredients and is prepped in about ten...

Christmas Bark

By Beth Pierce
Christmas Bark is a scrumptious holiday treat that you can prepare in a matter of minutes....

Peanut Brittle

By Beth Pierce
This super easy seven ingredient Peanut Brittle is made on the stove top in less than...

Chocolate Turtles

By Beth Pierce
More than likely you have had a turtle candy. However I bet you did not...
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