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    Chocolate Cravings

    By Karen Bowerman
    My daughter's favorites! So easy to make and great taste!

    Peanute butter/Chocolate cravings

    By Pam Penisten
    My daugher came up with this idea as she loves reeses cups and brownies together. We...

    Craving Chocolate Chip Cookie Bread Pudding

    By Rochelle Ritter
    This recipe came about because of my older sisters major sweet tooth.

    Canada's 2nd Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

    By P Gerrits
    While watching the news one night, it featured a story of a woman who had just...

    Craving Crusher Fudge

    By Jo Jackson
    This fudge has sweet and salty notes. It is the perfect challenger for that hard to...


    By Tere Gill
    This is a super-quick and easy recipe for some of the most delicious fudge you'll ever...

    Craving Summer Camp S'mores Bars

    By Brandi Kirkpatrick
    The original recipe was from the Cookies and Cups blog. I made these for Easter based...

    Ultimate Brownies

    By Rebecca Martindale
    My thing is baking so when I need to send something somewhere that is my first...

    Butterfinger Cupcakes

    By Melanie Campbell
    For those with a mega sweet tooth, this easy baking recipe for Butterfinger Cupcakes will hit...

    Sweet heart nutty brownies

    By maria maxey
    Good desert to give your sweetheart and enjoy it with them?
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