#Chocolate Cookies Recipes

Not Your Mama's Cookies!

By Beth Colon
I was in search of the perfect cookie base in order to build my perfect cookie....

Swiss Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

By T B
It was 7:00PM and I had a sweet tooth!! Raided the cupboard, perused Just A...

Mom's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies (Best Ever)!

By Fran Murray
I have been working on a chocolate chip cookie recipe for years. The key to this...

Iced Chocolate Cutout Cookies

By Susan Bartley
These are a favorite around my house. I just use a 2 inch scalloped edge...

Chocolate Crisps (Cookies)

By Garrison Wayne
I have tried other chocolate cookie recipes, and they usually taste a bit burned, as they...

Cocoa Kiss Cookies

By Jane Kaylie
Cocoa Kiss Cookies is a classic Valentine Special Dessert. A Quick and easy to bake recipe,...

Almond Joy Double Chocolate Cookie Brownie

By Gina Davis
Ok I am just not a fan of the magic bars, I found many (to many)...

~ Chocolate Sugar Cookies ~

By Cassie *
One of my personal favorites. An old Amish neighbor, Rachel shared this recipe with me several...

Chocolate Best Marshmallow Cookies

By Jane Kaylie
Chocolate Best Marshmallow Cookies

Double Chocolate Drop Cookies

By Debbie Sue
These cookies are delicious and addictive! A real chocolate treat! Enjoy!!!

Kahlua Hershey Bar Cookies

By Nor Mac
I had a bunch of milk chocolate bars leftover from Halloween. I decided...

Chocolate Amaretto cookies

By Nor Mac
I took an old fashioned crackle cookie recipe, and added Amaretto, dark chocolste, and sweet...
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