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    Chocolate Banana Nut Ice Cream

    By Deneane Beard
    My dad gave me this recipe, he made it years ago and I just fell in...

    Chocolate Banana Bread

    By Cindi M Bauer
    This is "the best" tasting chocolate banana bread I have ever had! It's a nice...

    Chocolate Banana Pie

    By Maggie May Schill
    A lot of people like these banana cream pies, or chocolate banana cream pies, I've never...

    Easy chocolate-banana muffins

    By sherry monfils
    Steve loves anything w/ bananas and chocolate, so I'll be making these today.

    Mini Chocolate Banana Breads

    By Debbie Sue
    This is a great little recipe! Chocolate and bananas go so well together! Enjoy! *...


    By jamie Beecham
    Took a Banana bread recipe from my old church cook book and added the nuts and...

    Chocolate-Banana-Sour Cream Cake

    By Melanie Campbell
    The combination of bananas and chocolate will not disappoint in this moist, tender cake which is...

    Chocolate Banana Fudgesicle

    By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
    When I was a little one my Mom use to buy these banana and chocolate fudgesicles....

    Peanut Butter-Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

    By Brenda Newton
    I found this in a "Food and Family" magazine and it added three of my favorite...

    Skinny Double Chocolate Banana Bread

    By Nor Mac
    The original recipe I found in Cooking Light Magazine. It was a chocolate swirl bread. I...
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