#Central America Recipes

Belizean Bread Pudding Recipe

Belizean Bread Pudding

By Vickie Parks
This is a traditional Belizean recipe for a classic baked dessert made with coconut milk, evaporated...
Chicken And Hominy Soup With Cilantro And Lime Recipe

Chicken and Hominy Soup with Cilantro and Lime

By Vickie Parks
This is a really good soup. Serve it with some fresh baked cornbread.
Baked Bananas Recipe

Baked Bananas

By Vickie Parks
This is a dessert commonly served in the Caribbean Islands and Central America. And it's...
Café Dulce De Leche Recipe

Café Dulce de Leche

By Vickie Parks
A sinfully decadent cup of coffee made special with the addition of Kahlua and Dulce de...
Traci's Adobo Seasoning Recipe

Traci's Adobo Seasoning

By Carolyn Haas
Many recipes call for adobo seasoning and all I can ever find in the store are...
Costa Rican Rice And Beans (gallo Pinto) Recipe

Costa Rican Rice and Beans (Gallo Pinto)

By Vickie Parks
This is traditionally a breakfast dish in Costa Rica, usually served with fried plantains and eggs...
Costa Rican Tilapia Recipe

Costa Rican Tilapia

By Vickie Parks
This recipe is from Costa Rica (Central America). It's baked tilapia with a side of...
Costa Rican Breakfast Potatoes Recipe

Costa Rican Breakfast Potatoes

By Vickie Parks
These are a good alternative to the usual breakfast hash browns. In Costa Rica, it's...
Jungle Tonic Recipe

Jungle Tonic

By Vickie Parks
A refreshing cocktail from Belize.
Shrimp And Mango Ceviche Recipe

Shrimp and Mango Ceviche

By Vickie Parks
Ceviche is a popular appetizer (or light snack) in Central America. It can be portioned...
Mango Orange Agua Fresca Recipe

Mango Orange Agua Fresca

By Vickie Parks
'Agua Fresca' (or "fresh water", in Spanish) is a light, refreshing fruit drink that originated in...
Carne En Adobo Recipe

Carne en Adobo

By Lynette !
This recipe originates in Panama. The stew is thickened with crumbled corn tortillas and traditionally...
Repello (nicaraguan Cabbage Slaw) Recipe

Repello (Nicaraguan Cabbage Slaw)

By Lynette !
This recipe is traditionally served with Baho (recipe posted here). It is also good on...