#Celebrations Recipes

This Photo Taken From The Bakery .


This cake I first tasted in a speciality Bakery, It is to Die For. I actually...
Valerie's Baby Shower Cake

Chocolate Velvet Cake

By Shelia Senghas
A friend asked me to make her daughter a chocolate cake for her baby shower. The...
Oh My Goodness I Want Some More Potato Salad!

Oh My Goodness I Want Some More Potato Salad!

By Andra Kubala
My son named this potato salad, he says the only problem is there is NEVER enough. My...
Greek Christmas Cookies

"Kourambiedes" Greek Christmas Cookies

By Maria *
Kourambiethes along with Melomakarona are the most popular Christmas holiday treats. Every home has a platter...
Before Topping With Marshmallows. I Am Going To Bake And Reheat With Marshmallow Tomorrow For Thanksgiving Day.

Mama's Sweet Potato Soufflé

By Morcash Sweat
This Sweet Potato Soufflè recipe has been our mom's tradition every Thanksgiving, and now I make...
Chocolate Drop Almond Cookies

Chocolate Drop Almond Cookies

By Mary Gelfond
My friend and I make holiday cookies every December. We have "played around" with this...
Marshmallow Pavlova

Marshmallow Pavlova

By Faye Pini
This recipe is one everyone loves! If ever lucky enough to be able to hide...