#Cashews Recipes

Asian Chicken Wrap

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
Was looking for something fun and yummy for my movie day with a friend...this is what...

Calamari Collard Bundles With Cashew Cream Goat Cheese Sauce

By Jo Zimny
The nice thing about collard greens is you can fill them with pretty much anything you...

Cashew Butter Cookies

By Shelley Young
I bought a large container of freshly made cashew butter in a local Mennonite Community and...

Coconut Cashew Cookies

By Kim Biegacki
Two years ago I bought a huge bag of cashews from Sam's Club because I love...

Thelma Lou's Cashew Fudge

By Lisa Johnson
Yummy!!!! I love cashew fudge so much. I make them for holidays and parties. My family...

Cashew Cluster/w Dried Cranberries

By Carol Junkins
How easy are these to make for a gift to give for the Holidays? They have dried...

Chocolate "Chunky" Haystacks

By Kelly Williams
I came up with this version incorporating some of my favorite ingredients! Tastes even better than...

Kitchen Sink Sweet & Salty Cookies

By Kelly Williams
I love the combination of sweet and salty! So I came up with this recipe to...

"Crock Pot" Nutty Choco-Scotchies-Annette's

By Annette W.
Who doesn't love butterscotch, chocolate and cashews? If ya don't, there's just something not quite right...

Carrot Cashew Soup

By Laura Spencer-Whitacre
This is my all time favorite soup. good anytime, I never tire of it. it has...

Chunky Monkey Bars

By Becca www.itsyummi.com
I created this recipe on a whim one afternoon. It combines the flavors of peanut...

Cashew Butterscotch Oaties

By Laurie Lenartowicz
I mix up all of the dry ingredients in a gallon size freezer bag. You can...

Cashew & Pretzel Toffee Clusters

By Leah Robertson
Great crunchy, sweet and salty snack!

Chicken Salad with Cashews

By Lori Wilcox
There is a little cafe here in town that serves this. According to everyone who works...

Nutty Buddy Bundt Cake

By Yolanda Stewart
This cake is nutty, moist and delicious. It has a nutty crunch and the banana nut...

Polynesian Chicken Salad with Baby Spinach

By Debbie Quimby
Chicken, Fruit, Spinach, Romaine, all tossed into a salad? Yummy!

Spiced Roasted Cashew's

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
By a long shot, Cashews are my favorite nut ever! And Roasted them gives them so...

Nann's Fudgey Cashew Pie...all dressed up!

By Nancy Judd
I had never entered a state or county fair and was encouraged to do so. So...

Chocolate Cashew Coconut Clusters

By Kathy W
Chocolate, toasted coconut and cashews - what's not to love? They are finger lickin' good!

Cashew Chicken (Shrimp or Tofu)

By Gena Buck
I've always loved the Cashew Chicken that was served in my favorite Chinese restaurant. I...

Dilled Chicken Salad with Cashews on Croissants

By Jennifer Helton
I have fine-tuned this for 2 decades and have served it for a crowd at Realtor...

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Kind Bar

This Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Kind Bar recipe is a must-make snack recipe. The dark chocolate...

Spiced Maple Popcorn With Almonds and Cashews

By Cindy Smith Bryson
You love popcorn, maple, almonds, and cashews, right? Put them all together and you have a...

Chicken Curry with Cashews & Coconut Milk

By Cosette Khoryati
This is probably the best curry I've made. Great taste and texture, very creamy and it...
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