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Vegan Acorn Squash & Pumpkin Vichyssoise (gfcf) Recipe

Vegan Acorn Squash & Pumpkin Vichyssoise (GFCF)

By Victoria Meyers
or Green Pumpkin Soup :) "This is a delicious creamy Vegan Vichyssoise. According to Wikipedia "Vichyssoise (vish·e·swäz')...
Always Been Gfcf- Hot Water Cornbread Recipe

Always been GFCF- Hot Water Cornbread

By Victoria Meyers
This is a very old fashioned recipe, I changed it just a bit, but its good...
Seeing Double Chocolate Bar Cookies (gfcf) Recipe

Seeing Double Chocolate Bar Cookies (GFCF)

By Victoria Meyers
I was making my GFCF Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Bar Cookies, when I discovered mid recipe...
Chunky Chicken Soup With Rice Recipe

Chunky Chicken Soup with Rice

By Victoria Meyers
We love chicken soup! So good for you so yummy, so easy to make :) Carole...
Cocoa Red Beans & Rice Recipe

Cocoa Red Beans & Rice

By Victoria Meyers
I came up with this recipe when I was trying to trick my finicky daughter into...
Everyday Buckwheat Chocolate Coffee-cake Recipe

Everyday Buckwheat Chocolate Coffee-Cake

By Victoria Meyers
I went into the kitchen today with a chocolate craving and came out with this. Just...
Freakin' Awesome Paleo (inspired) Brownies Recipe

Freakin' Awesome Paleo (inspired) Brownies

By Victoria Meyers
Okay, you purist's this is not really Paleo because we use raw sugar instead of honey,...