#Caribbean Recipes

Caribbean Chicken

By Lauren Conforti
Sweet and fruity with just the right "zing"! Another one of John’s "spur of the...


By Lisa Pack
I found this recipe on recipezaar.com and since my family likes to experiment with different flavors,...

Down Island Maui Wowee Chicken Bites

By Jeanette Nelson
The fusion of sweet and spicy flavors, the enticing Asian and Caribbean flavors, and the fruits...

Cuban Sandwiches

By Deb Lund
I have, on occasion, had a Cuban sandwich while I was out dining, but never tried...

MarthaRayDeen's Caribbean Rum Cake

By Martha Ray Deen
I love the rum cakes you get while on vacation in the Caribbean, but I don't...

Caribbean Jerk Chicken

By Natalie Robello
This is my husbands favorite

Caribbean Stew

By Dietricha Durtschi
This is my own recipe that I dreamed up out of who knows where. I...

Green Apple Curry with Garlic Butter Rice

By Careema Bell
Jamaican curry and yellow rice have always been one of my favorites. I had some granny...

Ed Bradley's Shrimp Creole

By Careema Bell
I found this recipe in Leslie Williams Neo-Soul Food cookbook. It is my tried and true...

Mellina's Jerk Rib Tips

By Mellina Land
You've gotta try these juicy, flavorful rib tips. I've been told that "rib tips" are a...

Caribbean-Spiced Pot Roast

By Cecilia Myers
Fresh herbs, dried spices and mushroom soy kick up the flavor! I always serve this with...


By Karl Strasser
This soup is great on a hot day. I like to garnish this soup with peaces...

Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad

By Dave Smith
This is a 90's potato salad - a new and improved, redone, much better potato salad....


By Cathy Boucheti
Strangely, this was my Dad's favorite thing to eat, growing up with stew Oxtail.It did not...

Jammin' Jamaican Jerk Sauce

By Jennifer J
Everyone loves Jamaican jerk! My family can eat it daily. You can prepare it on many...

Island Rum Cake

By Adrienne May
A family friend used to make this at Christmas. Very good!

Floribbean Shrimp with Jasmine Rice

By Sherry Tinnell
My family LOVED this! This recipe makes enough to serve a family of 4 sparingly. If your...

Caribbean Cocktail Sausages

By Tammy Raynes
I found this recipe in a friends magazine and had to share. I made this recipe...

Baked Citrus Rounds

By Vickie Parks
I got this recipe (which comes from Barbados) several years ago. I like to make this...

Caribbean Grilled Pork and Onions

By Vickie Parks
This recipe came from a flyer from my local grocery store. It's easy to prepare...


By Sheryl Muir
This is a Jamaican recipe prepared for my family and friends, ages 9-60 years. I think each...


By Sheryl Muir
During this hot summer, everyone like to enjoy freshly squeeze, cold orange juice but with a...


By Sheryl Muir
Salmon is a protein that is rich in omega-3. I enjoyed preparing salmon reason being it...


By Sheryl Muir
I wanted to prepare a meal that was very easy and healthy at the same time...
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