#Canned Salmon Recipes

Low Carb Salmon Patties With Creamy Sauce

Low Carb Salmon Patties with Creamy Sauce

By Paula Todora
Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, this low carb entree is made from...
My Baked Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties

By Barbara Miller
Loved making these for Fred Greene and his cousin Jesse Ray (Tudd) when they lived with...
Salmon Melts

Salmon Melts

By Gretchen ***
If you aren't a big fan of tuna fish (like me) this is a yummy alternative.
Country Fried Salmon Croquettes With Variations

Country Fried Salmon Croquettes with Variations

By Family Favorites
I've always loved a good salmon croquette or salmon patty for lunch or a light supper....
Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties

By Ruth Ann Vokac
Growing up on a small Illinois farm in the 50s and 60s, I never had much...
Mom-mom Bessie's Salmon Croquettes

Mom-Mom Bessie's Salmon Croquettes

By Susan Bickta
This recipe is from my husband's Mom-mom Bessie, one of the best cooks I ever knew....