#Cal Recipes

The Best Turkey Burger Ever

The Best Turkey Burger Ever

Needed to spice up my Turkey Burger and all I had was a couple of different...
Cookies 'n' Cream... A Dieter's Dream!

Cookies 'n' Cream... A Dieter's Dream!

By Lucille Hoerle
Indulge your love of cookies and coffee without the java jolt.
Oatmeal And Whole Wheat Flour Oven Fried Fish

Oatmeal and whole wheat flour oven fried FISH

By Faye Glory
When I am trying to cook healthier for myself and my hubby, I try to find...
Yes You Can Eat The Bowl Taco Salad

Yes You Can Eat the Bowl Taco Salad

By Alexandrina Harris
I was shocked when I looked up the nutritional facts of my go to taco salad...
Turkey And Bean Chili

turkey and bean chili

By susan hindy
Good on a cold winter day! Makes the house nice and warm, too. Good crock pot...
Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup

By Mindy Sena
My friend Tammy let me try this at work one day. It was low-cal, inexpensive, and...
Low-fat, Yummy Muffins!

Low-Fat Morning Glory Muffins II

By Theresa Putz
These muffins are low-fat, easy to make, freeze well, and are delicious!
Braised Kale Over Quinoa Pasta With A Garlic Alfredo Sauce Made From Cashews. Healthy & Delicious!

Braised Kale over Quinoa Pasta (Alfredo)

By Bonnie Koon
This is my favorite Kale Recipe. And the Alfredo sauce is oh so good FOR YOU!