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Peggi's Grilled Turkey Guacamole Burgers Recipe


By Peggi Anne Tebben
These are great! I had some frozen ground turkey patties & some homemade guacamole & came...
Feta~chicken Burgers Recipe

Feta~Chicken burgers

By Angie Robinson
Every time I make these people love them! They are good on the grill or a...
Kellie's Chicken Burgers Recipe

Kellie's Chicken Burgers

By Kellie Parker
I make these alot around our house.. they are healthy with or without a bun ...have...
Annual Agricultural Fair  -2011- The Best Yet! Recipe

ANNUAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR -2011- the best yet!

By Beth M.
Have you ever spent more than one evening or day at the fair? Usually we...
Salmon Burgers Recipe

Salmon Burgers

I am not a big Salmon fan but these are so very very good. If...
Turkey Burgers Recipe

Turkey Burgers

By Diane C.
I created these as an alternative to hamburgers. They are light and tangy. I love them...
3 Cuisine Grilled Mini Salmon Burgers Recipe

3 Cuisine Grilled Mini Salmon Burgers

By Sherri Williams
These lil' babies are my fusion of Mexican, Asian & Mediterranean Cuisines. They were some...
Grecian Burgers Recipe

Grecian Burgers

By Teresa Smith
Classics come together.
Costa Frico Chorizo Burgers W/ Cantaloupe Salsa Recipe

Costa Frico Chorizo Burgers w/ Cantaloupe Salsa

By Teresa Smith
This burger is all about texture and Latin American flavors! The spicy Chicken/Chorizo patties get cooled...
Portabella Mushroom Burgers Recipe

Portabella Mushroom Burgers

By Lou Kostura
I saw a recipe similar to this, made quite a few changes and made it my...
Better Than Beef Turkey Burgers Recipe

Better Than Beef Turkey Burgers

By Family Favorites
I had been looking for a recipe for a delicious, juicy turkey burger for a long...
Spinach, Feta & Ground Turkey Burgers Recipe

Spinach, Feta & Ground Turkey Burgers

By Jen Smallwood
not your average turkey burger, these are yummy, tasting turkey burgers. I like to serve these...
Lentil Burgers Recipe

Lentil Burgers

By Tam D
The name doesn't do them justice! This light and tasty meat replacement is sure to...
Green Chili Turkey Burgers Recipe

Green Chili Turkey Burgers

By Susie Price
Paleo friendly, spice up that ground turkey!
Jen's Wine & Blue Burgers Recipe

Jen's Wine & Blue Burgers

By Jen Smallwood
a burger with wine & cheese - what could be better? With this recipe I have been...
Thai Veggie Sliders Recipe

Thai Veggie Sliders

By Monica H
A dear friend gave me the gift of Teff grain. I wanted to incorporate it into...
Teriyaki Turkey Burgers With Mushrooms Recipe

Teriyaki Turkey Burgers with Mushrooms

By Darci Juris
My roommate made these for us one night, and they were so delicious that I had...