#Budget Recipes

Removing A Slice Of The Cheeseburger Casserole.

"Cheeseburger" Casserole

By Jenny Pennington
I make this quite often at my house and it's always a BIG hit! There are...
Albondigas (mexican Meatball Soup)

Albondigas (Mexican Meatball Soup)

By Lisa Kudek
This is my mother's Sonoran recipe which has been in the family for years! We have...


By Ginny Chisaakay
This recipe was given to me by my Husband's sister. When he was growing up...
Tortellini With Edamame And Smoked Sausage

Tortellini with Edamame and Smoked Sausage

By Hope Vaillancourt
I found this recipe when I was "googling" some budget friendly family meals because we were...
Creamy, Yummy, Stick-to-your-ribs Casserole That's Sure To Please!

Creamy Ground Turkey Noodle Casserole

By Oreta Rumbawa
Off the top of my head recipe. Serve with a side salad for a fully...
Southern Style Green Beans

Joy's Southern Style Greenbeans

By Sharonne Jacobs
Everybody loves my green beans. I'm always asked to make them for potlucks at work, luncheons,...
Southern Style Green Beans

Cheesy Spicy Sausage & Peppers Skillet

By Sharonne Jacobs
This is an old favorite from college. Perfect for tailgating!
Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

By Treva Orange
I use either raisins, dried cranberries, chopped fresh fruit - whatever I'm in the mood for...
Hot Off The Grill!

Onion Colby Jack Cheeseburgers

By Sharonne Jacobs
My nieces and nephews love making and cooking these on the grill. These burgers are so...
Quick And Easy Pork N Gravy With Rice

Quick and Easy Pork n Gravy with Rice

By Linda Kauppinen
This is one of my recipes that I created on a shoe string budget. Yes,...
Being On A Budget I Created This Super Easy And Tasty Bbq Sauce.  Mainly Out Of Desparation At The Time But Hey It Worked.

Sweet and Spicy Homemade Barbecue Sauce

By Sonya Wilder
Ok so we were all poor once, I still am LOL, but my richness comes from...
Being Single, A Loaf Of Banana Bread Often Goes To Waste.  But Creating A Muffin?  I Am Excited These Are Great And Use Whole Wheat Flour.

Banana Bread Muffins

By Sonya Wilder
So a loaf of banana bread was not at all appealing. But I made a...
Bubbly,cheesy, Hot And Spicy Good!

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

By Sharonne Jacobs
My spin on a recipe I saw on Facebook.
Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup

By Gretchen ***
This is my favorite soup. It's delicious, filling, and versatile. You can serve this over rice, with...
This Was Made With A Smoked Butt Ham.

How to Make Deli-style Lunchmeat

By Lauren Conforti
This is so easy and is much cheaper than paying the high prices at the local...
Almost Forgot To Take A Picture!  Lol  I Had Just Enough Left For 1 Piece Of Toast.  Mmm

Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast (SOS)

By Lauren Conforti
This was always a favorite of my Dad's, as well as my brother. My Dad &...
Mama's Tuna Casserole

Mama's Tuna Casserole

By Susan Feliciano
This was one of those 1950's recipes that homemakers used when "Payday is not till Friday."...
Self Rising Flour

Self Rising Flour

By Lisa Walker
I know we all live on a budget when it comes to foods. Myself I wont...
Creamy Onion Too-nay-toes

Creamy Onion Too-Nay-Toes

By Julie Ann Keene
This is a great full meal to stretch out that paycheck without scrimping on flavor or...
Perfectly Baked Wellies Without The Mushroom Gravy

Yankee Beef Wellington

By Lynsee Gilbert
I call this Yankee Wellington because, as we American's do with most things, I've made enough...
Chili Cheese Dip

Chili Cheese Dip

By Amy Herald
This is super easy, with minimal ingredients. Great appetizer in a hurry or on a budget!...