#Brussels Recipes

Glazed Brussel Sprouts W/ Pancetta Recipe

Glazed Brussel Sprouts w/ Pancetta

By Lisa Kelly
I make these every year at Thanksgiving. This dish never makes it to the table...
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

By Leslie Standerfer
My kids love brussels sprouts, but I have converted many a brussels-hater with the recipe. ...
Mixed Veggie Stir Fry! Recipe

Mixed Veggie Stir Fry!

By Staci Ojeda
My daughter and I were home alone and wanted something good and healthy for supper.. This...
Quick  And Easy Brussels Sprout Appetizers Recipe

Quick and Easy Brussels Sprout Appetizers

By Susan Elaine Graves
My family kept telling me the didn't like Brussels Sprouts so I made these and they...
Balsamic Brussels Sprouts With Cranberries Recipe

Balsamic brussels sprouts with cranberries

By Teena Almeida
If you don't like brussells sprouts this recipe will make you love them.I found this recipe...
White Wine Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

White Wine Roasted Brussels Sprouts

By Kit Graham Brough
Brussels sprouts roasted in white wine, lemon and olive oil with shallots and garlic.
Brussels Sprouts Casserole Recipe


My best friend shared this recipe with me and we make it all the time for...
Brussels Sprouts Pasta W Onions & Peas Recipe

Brussels Sprouts Pasta w Onions & Peas

By Penny Binker
I had boiled some chicken thighs a few days ago and had the broth in the...