#Brownsugar Recipes

The Neely's BBQ Spaghetti

By Brandy Bender
A twist on a classic dish!

Brown Sugar and Coconut oil Body Scrub

By Martha Aguirre
This recipe not only does it leave you skin nice, soft and glowing, but leaves you...

Apple Crispy

By ali Bresnahan
from my special family recipes!

Hot Buttered Christmas Batter

By Mrs. Michael J. Lively
This is another recipe from the best man at our wedding, O, so long ago. Dear...

Brown Sugar Souffles with Caramel Sauce

By S I
I found this recipe in one of my old cooking magazines several years ago, and decided...

Momma sweet biscuits.

By Tammy Green
My 9 yr old son named this snack/dessert. (Momma sweet biscuits). Now they are requested by...


By Lyn Starr
*$250.00 recipe. Give this to everyone. A woman who worked with my friend's mother...


By Lyn Starr
My grown granddaughter, Tara laughed her head off when she saw my old yellowed, butter stained...


By Becky Hudgins
I had a dozen gala apples and didn't want to make a pie,so I decided to...


By Lyn Starr
I love EASY! And that is just what these sweet potatoes are, easy. Be...

Oatmeal Carmelitas

By Billie Neal
This recipe comes from a 1968 recipe book titled,"Favorite Recipes From Church of GOD Ladies". Each...

Pineapple upside down cake like Mama made

By Judy Manning
I've made this cake for years and it's always a hit, it's even good cold for...

Green Bean Bundles

By Debbie Quimby
A different take on green beans. Yummy!

Copycat White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

By Debbie Quimby
My favorite store-bought cookie is the Great American Cookie Company's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie. It's better...

Lavender Peach Short Bread Cookies

By Kadijah James
I love peach preserves And the smell of Lavender. So I figured why not combine the...

Beer-Candied Bacon

By ali Bresnahan
Found this photo and recipe on Pinterest ~ it sounds so good! Wouldn't this be great for...

Coffee-Pepper Crusted Rump Roast

By ali Bresnahan
Quick tasty prep for two-person roast.

Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn

By Amy Alusa
We decided to watch a couple of movies here on this Saturday PM; so I decided...

Hot Cranberry punch

By Carolyn Parke
This is an easy and very delightful punch that is so wonderful to take to the...

Hot and Sweet Spaghetti Sauce

By Victoria Ross
One of the first things I made when I went out on my own at...
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