#Brown Sugar Recipes

Slow Cooked Meat Loaf And Potatoes

Slow Cooked Meat Loaf and Potatoes

This comes from Mr. Food. I recommend using lean ground beef to minimize the amount of...
Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Brown Sugar Meatloaf

By Carla Skiles
I found this recipe many years ago and it is still our families tried and true...
Warm Spicy Sweetness, Perfect For A Cold Snuggle Night With The Hubby And Kids. Tastes Fantastic Just Out Of The Oven With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Spiced Rum Caramel Apple Mini Pies

By Robin Dailey
My Man said "WOW" eleven times! I threw this together for my hungry boy who is...
Date Bars From The Past

Date Bars from the Past

By Diane Atherton
Remember those wonderful date bars that you could make from a mix? I grew up eating...
Brown Sugar Brownies

Brown Sugar Brownies

By christina obrien
Another lost gem from grandma's kitchen. Love these! Plus they are easy to make. Ejoy! :)
Bacon Jam Spread

Bacon Jam Spread

By nellie rickey
I promise you that this is not as odd as you might think... and once you...
Baked Holiday Ham With Brown Sugar, Pineapple And Cherries

Holiday Ham

By Gail Welch
There is just something about baked ham that says, "this is a special occasion." My sister-in-law...
Honeyed Carrots

Honeyed Carrots

By Teresa Jacobson
I know there are several recipes on here for Honey Carrots but this is my favorite....
Picture By Cookiesandcups.com

Apple Toffee Blondies

By Jenni K
I've been on a "blondie" kick lately, and have been finding fantastic recipes at cookiesandcups.com. ...
Chewy Brownie Cookies

Chewy Brownie Cookies

By Bobbie Hewitt
I've had several people tell me these are the best cookies they ever ate. The perfect...
Gooey Peach Cake Baked Until Golden Brown.

Gooey Peach Cake

By Jane Manookin
Easy to make and hard to leave alone. This was one of my experiments that worked...
A Piece Of Easy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Cake.

Easy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Cake

By Donna Woodford
I wanted a quick and easy coffee cake as I was sick of the ones sold...
Rose's Gooey Praline Cake


By Rose Dailey
This is one of my 'throw-togethers'.
Apple Crumble


By Ellen Bales
Warm apple dishes are some of the best comfort food out there, and I think this...
Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Pound Cake


By Rose Dailey
So good with a hot cup of coffee :-)
Mardi Gras Gorilla Bread

Mardi Gras Gorilla Bread

By Jeanne Benavidez
Here is another idea for a Mardi Gras quick and easy dessert. Again, since I don't...
Dulce De Leche Apple Pie

Dulce de Leche Apple Pie

By Donna Graffagnino
Who can resist apples and caramel in a deep dish pie crust? After tasting this for...
Country Style Pork Bbq Ribs

BBQ Country Ribs in Crock Pot

By J. White Harris
This delicious and easy recipe came from a TV program, Talk Of The Town, that features...
Oatmeal French Toast Bread Pudding

Oatmeal French Toast Bread Pudding

By Megan Todd
I absolutely love Holidays, Christmas, Easter, every holiday! As a kid, my fondest memories are that...
Zesty And Tangy Meatballs

Zesty and Tangy Meatballs

By Teressa Drenth
These have been a staple at all three of my children's graduation open houses and any...
Peachy Gingerbread Upside-down Cake


By Ellen Bales
Oh, my, this recipe is positively decadent. I love gingerbread and combining it with peaches and...
Yummy Yummy In The Tummy!

Cinnamon Roll Cake

My family really loves this one!
Can't Wait To Make Them Again!

EASY Delicious Crock-Pot BBQ Ribs Recipe!

Great with you favorite salads.
It Would Be Nice For A Dessert,or A Snack.

Apple Pie Enchiladas

Looks good, tastes good and easy to make!

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