How to do Home Canning

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Home canning is pretty simple and fun!. Follow the steps in this tutorial video and you'll become an expert in no time...!


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How to Make How to do Home Canning


  1. Step 1... Know your Canning Tools
    - Magnetic wand to lift your lids from hot water.
    - Jar lifter to place in or move out jars from boiling water
    - Gauge to measure head space and remove bubbles
    - Funnel & Ladle help to fill jars easier
  2. Step 2... Water Bath/Canner
    - Wash jars in soapy water and rinse thoroughly
    - Transfer them to a pot with boiling water
    - Make sure the jars are covered by at least 1-inch of water
    - Process for 15 minutes
  3. Step 3... Snap Lids
    - Boil lids for 2 minutes and then leave them in warm water until needed
    - Keep in mind that you can only use lids once. The ones that are not used, dry them off and keep them for the next canning session
  4. Step 4... Filling Jars
    - Using the jar lifter, remove jars from the water bath and invert them on a baking sheet lined with silicone mat to drain any excess water.
    - Filling up one jar at a time, place the funnel in the sterilized jar and use the ladle to fill it.
    - Use the gauge to dislodge any bubbles by sliding it around and between the food and the glass.
    - Use the opposite end of the gauge to measure the appropriate head space. Keep in mind that over or under filling can cause the seal to fail.
  5. Step 5... Closing Jars
    - Before closing jars, wipe the rim of any stickiness.
    - Using the magnetic wand, place the snap lid on the jar
    - Apply the screw band and finger tighten - if over tightened, it can prevent proper sealing
  6. Step 6... Processing Filled Jars
    - Using the jar lifter, transfer the jars to the boiling water bath, cover with at least 1-inch of water
    - Start timing only when all the jars are in and the water returns to a full boil
  7. Step 7... Resting Time
    - When processing time is up, using the jar lifter, remove jars from the water bath, turn off the heat and place them on a wire rack or towel away from any draft.
    - As the jars cool off, the lids will snap down making a "popping" sound which creates an airtight vacuum seal.
    - Let the jars cool completely, undisturbed, for 12 to 15 hours.
    - Remove the screw band, wipe them very well so they don't rust and put them back loosely.
    - Label your jars by writing down the dates and the preserved food name
    - Store them in a cool, dark place
  8. If you want more info about canning such as elevation, head space guidelines, jars that didn't seal or if the jam/jelly doesn't set up, visit
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