For Kids Biscuits Recipes

Mar 7, 2020

7 Up Biscuits

By Beth Pierce
These super easy 7 Up Biscuits are made in about ten minutes with four ingredients. ...
Dec 16, 2019

Oatmeal Biscuits

By Beth Pierce
Oatmeal Biscuits are such a treat. They are one of our family favorites and so...
Aug 26, 2019

Cheddar Biscuits

By Francine Lizotte
Nice, warm, flaky and tender, these biscuits are delicious with any main course, with breakfast or...
Aug 14, 2019


By Gina Davis
I LOVE me some Goat Cheese, I put it in Grits, Mashed Taters, Scalloped Taters and...
Feb 27, 2019

Sweet Potato Biscuits

By Debbie Sue
These biscuits are moist and delicious! Served warm with butter and honey. They also reheat well the next...
Feb 13, 2019

Cheddar Biscuits with Chive Butter

By Beth Pierce
These delectable Cheddar Biscuits with Chive Butter are a family favorite. Just as delicious as...
Nov 5, 2018

Brie Brunch Biscuits (Two Ways)

By Tere Gill
These are my "special" biscuits for special occasions. They're buttery, flaky biscuits, filled with melted Brie...
Oct 26, 2018

Oh so easy cinnamon-apple-cranberry bread

By sherry monfils
My 3 grand kids & I were looking to make "something that tastes like Fall." according...
Sep 27, 2017

Sweet Potato Rolls

By Kadijah James
My Gi-Ma would make these during the holidays. We all loved them. One year, well a...
Aug 10, 2017

Mums Biscuits

By Guy Peter
This was my mothers recipe from when I was growing up I always loved her biscuits...
Feb 18, 2017


By Tere Gill
This is the way my husband makes his old-fashioned, country-style biscuits. He had never measured the...
Nov 29, 2016

Autumn Essentials: Cheddar Cheese Scones

By Andy Anderson !
In the Autumn and Winter months, when the skies are grey with the threat of snow,...
Apr 7, 2016

Orange Cranberry Scones with Oats

By Susan Feliciano
I wanted to bake scones to celebrate April 6, Tartan Plaid Day. I thought I had...
Feb 6, 2016

Doc' Biscuits

By Dave T.
Biscuits as we Americans know them are a light fluffy flaky bread usually eaten, but not...
Dec 19, 2015


By sallye bates
These crispy crackers are great served with any kind of appetizers that "need" a cracker. ...
Oct 23, 2015

Sweet Potato Biscuits

By Daily Inspiration S
A nice surprise to traditional biscuits. Recipe is from Southern Living.
Oct 8, 2015

Appalachian Coal Miners Doughnuts "Fried Biscuits"

By Gina Davis
These are a true Coal Miner's Doughnut. My husband is a Underground Coal Boss here...
Sep 29, 2015

Mamma's Biscotti from Fante's

By Jennifer S
Biscotti is great with coffee and for dunking. It can be changed to suit everyone....
Sep 28, 2015

Love Me Tender Biscuits

By Garrison Wayne
Love Me Tender Biscuits are the best biscuits I have ever made. My original recipe calls...
Sep 23, 2015

Mommoo's Buttermilk Biscuits

By Gina Davis
These biscuits are the ones I have ate all my life and can be converted into...
Sep 17, 2015

Simply Delicious Bisquick Biscuits

By Pat Duran
This is my best biscuit and I know you will love it too..
Sep 16, 2015

Turkey Medley over Muffin Biscuits

By Pat Duran
This is my take on another recipe I have posted here :( I substituted turkey for the...
Sep 15, 2015

Chicken Pot Pie

By C P
With the weather turned much colder, like today, and with nothing else to do, I created...
Aug 31, 2015

Dee Dee's Lemon Glazed Blueberry Biscuits

By Diane Atherton
I whipped these biscuits up this morning and they were a hit. Not too sweet...
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