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Whole Wheat Buns for Hotdogs and Brats

By Tess Geer
My thanks to for this recipe. I made a few changes to suit my own...

Brats and Cabbage

By Beth Pierce
Boy life is really busy!! Most of the time I feel like I am running...

Drunken Brat Dogs

By Karen Sills
I came up with this recipe by the name of the brats I use.(Beer'n Bratwurst Brats)

Sweet & Sour Apple Brats

By bobbie kaplan
You know those flyers that get tucked into your bag at the grocers? Well,several years...

Big Bad Brats Bonanza

By Sherri Williams
This is my over the top brats sausage dog. It's topped with butter crab, fried...

Beer brat chili

By suzanne kraus
I like to make up my own chili recipes. So many variations. This one is a...

Healthy Lunch Meal Under 400 Calories

By Rose Mary Mogan
If you are looking for a healthy lunch idea this one might appeal to you. It was...

The Ultimate Bacon Brat Madness Burger

By William Smith
This is the ultimate bacon burger dish! Its a stuffed Bacon Brat Burger that has a...

Summer Essentials: Brats, Peppers, Onions in Beer

By Andy Anderson !
It is Summer, and it is time for evenings out by the pond with friends and...

Bachelor Brats

By Giana Martino
These Brats were prepared by my husband while he was in Germany in the Army. These...

Jodie's Brats, Kraut and Dumplings

By JoSele Swopes
I have been making this for years, my mom used to make it too...We also use...
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