#Bouillon Recipes

Mom's Cabbage Patch Soup

Mom's Cabbage Patch Soup

By Brandy Bender
This is a yummy recipe for when it's cold outside.
Quick Comfort Tomato Soup

Quick Comfort Tomato Soup

By Aynne Morison
One of my favorite memories has always been my Dad making tomato soup and grilled cheese...
Brandy's Beef Fried Rice

Brandy's Beef Fried Rice

By Brandy Bender
I love chinese food! I came up with this for dinner tonight.
Potatoes In Creamed Coconut

Potatoes in Creamed Coconut

By Robin DuPree
I found this recipe in my cookbook called, "Potatoes", however, I changed the recipe from its...
Super Quick And Easy Tortellini Soup

Super Quick and Easy Tortellini Soup

By Amy Herald
Tortellini Soup is a really quick and easy dinner on a cold night.Use whatever type of...
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Chicken Bouillon Rice

By Susan Cutler
Easy and Tasty! I go for easy these days and less ingredients! I remember now I found this...
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Brown Soup Stock

By Marcia McCance
If you don't want to use bouillon because of all the chemicals... why not make your...