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I Served This With My Coarse Ground Mustard Potato Salad, It Was A Great Summer Lunch.  (the Recipe For The Potato Salad Was Previously Posted)

B L T A B B M OMG it's Yummy!!! Sandwich

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
This was what's for lunch in my house today, it was amazing and perfect for a...
Blt With Fresh Basil And Cilantro.  Served With Your Favorite Soup, This Makes A Delicious Meal!

BLT with Basil and Cilantro

By Holly Grier- Wallace
I love fresh tomatoes, Basil and Cilantro! The flavor combination of these together with bacon...
Mexican Blt

Mexican BLT

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
I JUST made this for dinner! and O...M....G So damn good! Its amazing the thing you...
Taste Of Home Image.

BLT Macaroni Salad

By Debbie Quimby
Another Taste of Home recipe found in a great ToH Church Suppers magazine.
Blt Guacamole, Yummmmm!  Sounds Great With Pita Chips.

BLT Guacamole

By Julie Madawi
I found this recipe in the April/May 2013 Publix Family Style magazine. As these recipes...
Unfried Green Tomatoes On A Fat Cat Blt!

The Unfried Fried Green Tomato and Squash

By cathy tate
I love tomatoes and squash is my favorite summer vegetable. Being from the south - I...
Blt Roll-ups

BLT Roll-Ups

By Jeanne Zidlicky
Found this at Southern Gals Tips & Tricks's
 Great Sandwich

Fried Green Tomatoes BLT

By Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz
This is a Southern favorite, made lighter without sacrificing flavor. I make it with arugula,...
Photo By: Toh

Family Favorite BLT Dip (My Most Requested Recipe)

By Family Favorites
I've tried many BLT dips in the past, but none come close to this one. It...
Photo By: Food.com

Amazing BLT Appetizer Pizza

By Family Favorites
My husband's favorite appetizer and a wonderful, light Spring and Summer meal.
Pizzeria Perfect Blt Pizza- My Own Recipe

Pizzeria Perfect BLT Pizza- My Own Recipe

By Family Favorites
I was challenged to make the perfect BLT pizza a few weeks ago. After looking at...
Belly Busting Blt Burgers

Belly Busting BLT Burgers

By Family Favorites
We love a good burger, especially in the summer. We do many different kinds, including this...
Zesty Blt Pasta Salad

Zesty BLT Pasta Salad

By Nor Mac
I love BLT Pasta salad. I was buying from the del for $8.00 a quart....
Mel's Blt Dinner Salad

Mel's BLT Dinner Salad

By Melanie Walker
A variation of this salad originally appeared in Taste of the South's May issue and was...
Chicken Blt Sandwich

Chicken BLT Sandwich

By Amy Herald
These chicken sandwiches are delicious... and BACON!!!
Blt Dip Combines All The Delectable Flavors Of Your Favorite Sandwich In Dip Form.  Crisp Bacon, Crunchy Romaine Lettuce And Sun Ripened Tomatoes Layered Over A Creamy Base. Makes For A The Perfect Popular Party Dip.


By Beth Pierce
BLT Dip combines all the delectable flavors of your favorite sandwich in dip form. Crisp...