#Blackbeans Recipes

A Really Yummy Black Bean Soup Recipe

A Really Yummy Black Bean Soup

By Susan Feliciano
This is something I can throw together with things from the fridge and pantry, almost any...
The Most Amazing Vegan Chili Ever Recipe

The most amazing vegan chili ever

By Joan Hunt
mole paste is available in the Mexican section of large supermarkets or in specialty markets. I found...
Stuffed Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

Stuffed whole wheat bread

By Joan Hunt
this takes a little planing to make but is Oh My God Good. It is a new...
Black Bean And Quinoa Salad With A Kick! Recipe

Black bean and quinoa salad with a kick!

By Amy Croyle
This is a recipe that I modified from another one to fit my liking. It...
Black Bean And Corn Quesadillas Recipe

Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

By Patrice Manning
Great combo of ingredients. I sometimes add beef or chicken, but they are tasty as is....
Slow-cooked Beans Recipe

Slow-Cooked Beans

By ann wilson
from Kathy Nichols
Nachos (easy, Delicious And Quick) Recipe

Nachos (Easy, Delicious and Quick)

By Amy Alusa
If you like Mexican food, but don't have time to do alot of prep. this is...
Festival Of Flavor - Corn & Black Bean Salad Recipe

Festival of Flavor - Corn & Black Bean Salad

By Carol White
Fragrant, fresh, and full of flavor – here’s a salad that’s high on health and great...
Ro's Rice An Beans Recipe

Ro's Rice an Beans

By Rosemarie Zub
I decided to make my own flare for rice an beans. I must say this is...
Cowgirl Salad Recipe

Cowgirl Salad

By Susan Cutler
I made this tonight for the first time. It is an awesome salad! The salad dressing...
Chicken Black Bean Cornmeal Casserole Recipe

Chicken Black Bean Cornmeal Casserole

By Sara Andrea
This meal is great with Zesty Lime Tortilla Chips and salsa.