#Black Beans Recipes

Guiltless Back To School Chili Recipe

Guiltless Back to School Chili

By Allison Hazell
I wanted a good chili flavor and consistency without hamburger or beans. Sounded impossible. Found a...
Fiesta Rice Salad Recipe

Fiesta Rice Salad

By Shannon Smith
This is a great summer side dish - Enjoy!
Southwestern Chicken & Rice Skillet Recipe

Southwestern Chicken & Rice Skillet

By Kathy Cromer
This dish is crazy good! I'm always on the lookout for new recipes that have black...
2 Beans And Sweet Pepper Salad Recipe

2 beans and sweet pepper salad

By hanaa abiskaron
it is best if eaten the day after .
Kicked Up Layered Salad Recipe

Kicked Up Layered Salad

By Jennifer Smith
This is such a filling salad. You can substitute low fat ingredients. It's healthy too!
Skillet Chicken Nachos Recipe

Skillet Chicken Nachos

By Shanda Bush
This is great for a party, you can make it and then put in a crockpot...
Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken Breast With Southwest Yellow Rice Salad Recipe

Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken Breast with Southwest Yellow Rice...

By Barbara Mayo
This dish so, so easy to prepare and can be served hot or cold. Little heat...
Tilapia Ceviche And Black Bean Salad With Red Bull Rice Recipe

Tilapia Ceviche and Black Bean Salad with Red Bull Rice

By Pam Ellingson
This week was both a Food Challenge and a personal one. I had never made my...
Texas Kickin' Ranch Salad Recipe

Texas Kickin' Ranch Salad

By Sue Weaver
I get raves every time I make/share this cold salad recipe. Everyone from teens to older...
Mexican Makeyouwannasmackyomomma Sour Cream Rice Recipe

Mexican makeyouwannasmackyomomma sour cream rice

By Stephanie Beacham
I'm not a huge fan of casseroley dishes, but this recipe IS NEVER GOING to collect...
South Of The Border Lasagna Recipe

South Of The Border Lasagna

By Angela Gray
This wonderful recipe is courtesy of my husbands childhood best friend. Mike made this for us...
Pork Black Bean Fiesta Recipe

Pork Black Bean Fiesta

By Renae Garrett
This is a quick easy recipe that my family just loves. We like it spicy...
Black Bean Coleslaw Recipe

Black Bean Coleslaw

By joan cannon
I wanted coleslaw with a little more substance, so I added the black beans. My...
All In The Cupboard Salad W/thai Peanut Dressing Recipe

All in the Cupboard Salad w/Thai Peanut Dressing

By Kim Biegacki
I was thinking this could also be called Asian Pantry Salad because everything comes from a...
Tj's Mexican Casserole Recipe

TJ's Mexican Casserole

By Leanne Macias
A co-worker made this last year for one of our potluck's (2014). She said it 's...
Giddyup Guacamole Recipe

Giddyup Guacamole

By Natalie Loop
I am a stay at home mom with a home-based business. During the day I...
Gram's Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Gram's Chicken Tortilla Soup

By Matthew Peterson
This is the tortilla soup I made for my Gram while she was here for Christmas...
Gluten Free Vegetarian Potato,kale,rice Soup Recipe

Gluten Free Vegetarian Potato,Kale,Rice Soup

By Renee R.
This was a recipe that I just threw together one day when I was super hungry...
Chocolate Chunk Brownies Recipe

Chocolate Chunk Brownies

By Julie Madawi
This is from Publix Family Style magazine. A neat way to get more fiber into...
Southwestern Meat Filling (or On Own) Recipe

Southwestern Meat Filling (or on own)

By Theresa K
I pulled this together tonight. On the bottom were crushed tortilla chips and then crushed...
Black Bean Soup Recipe

Black Bean Soup

By Gretchen ***
This is my favorite soup. It's delicious, filling, and versatile. You can serve this over rice, with...
Cilantro Chicken Wraps Recipe

Cilantro Chicken Wraps

By Gretchen ***
A local coffee house sells these wraps for $6. I crave them all the time so...
Southwestern Egg Rolls Recipe

Southwestern Egg Rolls

By Linda Pulley
This recipe is a very tasty and different spin to egg rolls. My family is Filipino...
Black Bean Pie Recipe

Black Bean Pie

By Lark Dunton
Eat 'em up yum! Family and guests all loved this, no leftovers! I served it...