#Bell Peppers Recipes

Lemon Vegetable Pasta Salad

Lemon Vegetable Pasta Salad

By Meryl Hausner
This salad goes a long way, great for large gatherings. This pasta salad is easy and...
From The Website Tasty Kitchen, Another Great Recipe Website.

Texas Caviar (aka Redneck Caviar)

By Jeanne Benavidez
I get many requests for this item. I make it 12 pints at a time because...
My Meatloaf (photos By Cin)

Cin's "Easy Italian Style Meatloaf w/a twist"

By Straws Kitchen
Turned out to be a very tasty meatloaf. My Hubby said,''wow, that was good...can I take a...
I Apologize That These Pinwheels Are Not The Prettiest, But I Forgot To Take The Pic Before I Took Them To Oktoberfest And This Was All That Was Left When I Got Home. Lol

Pinwheel Appetizers

By Pam Ellingson
I love to have little "noshy" things to pick up and snack on at parties so...
Ali's Stuffed Peppers

Ali's Stuffed Peppers

By ali Bresnahan
yummy. and a good-looking dish.
Grandma Donna's Italian Steak Over Rice

Grandma Donna's Italian Steak over Rice

By donna clark
I have made this Italian steaks for 30 years, my family loves it and we never...
Macaroni And Cheese W/ A Kick!

Macaroni and Cheese w/ a kick!

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This is a great twist on a family classic!
Sweet & Savory Cheese Ball

Sweet & Savory Cheese Ball

By Donna Graffagnino
When I first got this recipe from a friend of mine I thought it was going...
Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

By Julie Prior
Delicious! Calories: 184.7 • Fat: 2.3 g • Protein: 20.8 g • Carb: 20.2 g • Fiber:...
California Burger Slaw

California Burger Slaw

By Susan Bickta
I love big, juicy, grilled hamburgers, but, with all the "stuff" I put on them (like...
Stuffed Bell Peppers

Sherry's Mom's Stuffed Bell Peppers

By Sherry Blizzard
Mom always made our meals special. This is a dish that sticks out in my...
From Instagram: Open Faced Tuna Melt, Iris Http://instagram.com/p/ru8w-vpyer/

Open Face "Tuna Melts", Iris

By iris mccall
This was the 2nd "save" from my pork roast mishmash. The remaining roast I processed adding...
From Instagram: Open Faced Tuna Melt, Iris Http://instagram.com/p/ru8w-vpyer/

Sweet and Sour Pork

By Lynette !
This recipe is from Ken Hom, and is posted for play in the Culinary Quest Summer...
Squash Stir-fry

Squash Stir-Fry

By Beverley Williams
For vegetarian: substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth.
Very Veggie Spaghetti Sauce Mmb

Very Veggie Spaghetti Sauce MMB

By Melanie B
I am trying to incorporate more veggies into my meals. This is an easy way...
Peggi's Bread & Butter Pickles

Peggi's Bread & Butter Pickles

By Peggi Anne Tebben
These are soooo good & last a long time in fridge, if you allow them to!
Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers

By Janet Crow
Growing up, stuffed peppers were a treat for us kids. Over the years I have...
Saucy Veggie Holiday Stuffed Peppers

Saucy Veggie Holiday Stuffed Peppers

By Connie Tucker
I like to make a colorful pan of stuffed peppers vegetarian, served with a nice salad....
Stuffed Bell Peppers Superior

Stuffed Bell Peppers Superior

By Teena Mathis
If you like Souperior Meat Loaf you will like these!! I like to put a...
Hawiian Ham Balls

Hawiian Ham Balls

By Colleen Sowa
This was an old family recipe from my great grandmother Ellen Kay Sullivan, it was changed...
Oven-roasted Shrimp And Veggie Kabobs On Foil.


By Teresa G
This is one of our favorite ways to prepare some of the summer veggies from our...
Chunks Of Chicken And Vegetables On A Skewer On A Bed Of Yellow Rice.

Easy Shish Kebab

By Robyn Bruce
Kebabs are just a fun way to cook a meal. This recipe is a base recipe....
Mexi Mac By Maggie

Mexi Mac by Maggie

By Maggie M
We found a recipe one day that looked good and we tried it. It was lacking .....
Healthy Stuffed Pepper

Turkey Stuffed Pepper

By Sandra Ann Marie Harvey
You can use any kind of pepper to stuff. You can also cut peppers in half and...