#Bavarian Recipes

Red Cabbage (german Style) Recipe

Red Cabbage (German Style)

By Sandy Griffin
I learned to make this in Germany. I loved being an Army wife and getting to...
Bavarian White Wine Kraut Recipe

Bavarian White Wine Kraut

By Deneece Gursky
This is the saurkraut my family loves best! Its made with white wine and juniper berries...
Laugenbrezel [original German Bräuhaus Pretzels] Recipe

Laugenbrezel [Original German Bräuhaus Pretzels]

Ever wonder how to make these gorgeous pretzels? The traditional way? Well, here goes...
Lebkuchen (german Xmas Honey Cakes) Recipe

Lebkuchen (German Xmas Honey Cakes)

By Linda Kauppinen
These little gems come from the Black Forest Bavarian Region of Germany. My grandmother used...