#Batter Recipes

Deep Fried Oreo Cookies Recipe

deep fried oreo cookies

By Carolyn Dye
this recipe i got from watching foodnetwork. it was a great hit at the Marriott when...
Cornbread Chicken Recipe

Cornbread Chicken

By Shanna Price
This, as with many of my recipes, came from one of those moments where you are...
Dip And Fried Green Beans Recipe

Dip and Fried Green Beans

By JoSele Swopes
These are up there with fried pickles and I can.t leave out fried green tomato....Last spring...
Fried Shrimp - My Way Recipe

Fried Shrimp - My Way

By Cassie *
Nothing better to me than fried shrimp...been making them this way for years...when I make them,...
Easy, Perfect Chinese Style Batter Recipe

Easy, perfect Chinese Style Batter

By Amy Herald
This recipe is simple to make and works perfectly for Chinese style batter to make sweet...