#Balsamic Vinegar Recipes

Grilled Chimichurri Steak With Pan Grilled Mushrooms And Asparagus Recipe

Grilled Chimichurri Steak with pan grilled mushrooms and...

By Leilani Waller
My own adaptation of chimichurri sauce. Serve with baked or grilled potato.
Rosemary Cran-apple Chicken Recipe

Rosemary Cran-Apple Chicken

By Megan Todd
I originally got this recipe from Elana's Pantry Website while searching for healthy and GF recipes....
Balsamic Glazed Chicken Pops Recipe

Balsamic glazed Chicken pops

By Giselle Gonzalez
These are great for a snack or as an appetizer. I make these for my family...
Zucchini Hush Puppies Recipe

Zucchini Hush Puppies

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
These are a delicious appetizer or side dish for any family dinner or holiday party!
Tuna-stuffed Peppers From Eating Well Recipe

Tuna-Stuffed Peppers from Eating Well

These tuna-stuffed peppers are ubiquitous in delis all over Susa, Italy.
Italian Balsamic Chicken / My Way Recipe

Italian Balsamic Chicken / My Way

By Cassie *
This chicken was delicious served over rice...So darn easy too...if you like Balsamic...you will love this...
Blackberry Balsamic Reduction Recipe

Blackberry Balsamic Reduction

By susan simons
I learned to make my own balsamic reduction last year while taking a cooking class; and...
Asparagus And Tomatoes Recipe

Asparagus and Tomatoes

By Katrina Freed
Fast, simple, healthy, and delicious!
Deviled Eggs N Bacon Recipe

Deviled Eggs N Bacon

By Cassie *
I make these for Easter and they are always a hit with the bacon lovers...try them...
Cajun Pork Tenderloin With Balsamic Honey Glaze Recipe

Cajun Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Honey Glaze

By G F
I wrote this recipe for, and won, the National Bork Board contest in 2011.
Sauteed Spinach In Balsamic Vinegar Recipe


By Cheryl Culver
I like fresh spinach and when I cook it to serve as a side dish I...
Citrus Chicken Thighs With Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe

Citrus Chicken Thighs with Mustard Vinaigrette

By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
It is getting warm and the fresh flavors and greens of the season are so welcome...
Fresh Fried Beets W/balsamic Drizzle Recipe

Fresh Fried Beets W/Balsamic Drizzle

By Cassie *
I grew up eating pickled beets, fried beets, roasted beets, Harvard and so I guess you...
Grapes & Chops Recipe

Grapes & Chops

By Jen Smallwood
having a grapevine that was over generous one year - I began playing around with various...
~ Refreshing Chick Pea Salad ~ Recipe

~ Refreshing Chick Pea Salad ~

By Cassie *
Another light, fresh salad that could be served as a delicious side dish at your next...
Spicy Chicken, Zucchini And Cashews W/orange Glaze Recipe

Spicy Chicken, Zucchini and Cashews w/orange glaze

By C.S. Weaver
An extra special way to use up leftover chicken and that crop of zucchini! Note: If you...
Balsamic/rosemary Chicken N Red Potatoes Recipe


By Lora DiGs
Pub Chips With Feta & Sweet Balsamic Drizzle Recipe

Pub Chips With Feta & Sweet Balsamic Drizzle

By Family Favorites
My husband and I were served this incredible appetizer at an Italian restaurant a few weeks...