#Bagel Recipes

Takes a Lickin and Keeps on Chicken !

By Pam Ellingson
Another of my attempts at coming up with a Challenge Sandwich worthy of being entered. Original...

Ham & Cream Cheese Bagel Melt

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
Sammie Challenge...Substitute any lunch meat and mix it up, These are a friends and family FAVORITE...

Picadillo Burger On A Bagel

By Sherri Williams
The sammie challenge ingredients were olives and bagel. This is my twist on a Mexican...

Italian Tomato or Roasted Red Pepper Whole Wheat Bagel Sandwich

By Annamaria Settanni McDonald
Sometimes the simplest things can taste so good. Back in the day I would eat...

Sweet Lady Marmalade Sammie

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
This is my 2nd of 3 entries into the sweet sammie challenge.

Cinnamon Sugar is Sweet, even with Meat Sammie

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
YUMMMM!!! This is the 3rd of 3 entries into my sweet sammie challenge.

Lemon Zest Lox Breakfast Sammie

By Sherri Williams
This is my favorite breakfast sammie. Give it a try and see why. You...

Easy Bagels

By Ruth Knappenburger
These taste very close to Lender's Bagels.. My guys like chocolate chips added to the dough,...

Strawberry bagel supreme

By Rachel Anthony
This is so good! Its perfect for an appetizer at a party. Or a breakfast treat!

BLT Slim Thin Bagel

By Kim Biegacki
Those of you familiar with an Everything Bagel from Panera Bread know how incredibly amazing they...

Pizza bagels

By Tiphane Fleming
My kids (and hubby) love this as a quick and super easy lunch or snack. It...

Raspberry Butter Spread

By Sheila M
This sounds so good and would be great on bagels!

Hearty Mans Breakfast Bagel

By Cassie *
This is my husbands favorite breakfast sandwich...nothing special, but the combinations of the Everything bagel, thick...

Holiday Harvest Cranberry Orange Pecan Spread

By Family Favorites
What a special treat this was with our bagels and coffee this morning! A perfect recipe...


By Ellen Bales
This recipe is my sequel to my Blue Ribbon winning Fried Egg Sandwich with Style, Part...
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