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    Quick Bacon & "Egg -Wich"

    By Lynda Sweezey
    Enjoy this sandwich as a quick grab-'n'-go breakfast. Simply wrap it in foil before heading out the...

    Bacon Mac. An. Cheese !

    By Debra williamson
    This is a great Family. Meal ! Top with a side salad ! Enjoy

    Bourbon Baked Beans

    By alberta smith
    More than baked beans.

    Apple Bacon Tart with Bacon crust

    By Nor Mac
    I came across this recipe a while back. I tweaked it a bit. The Bacon apple...

    Fried Green tomato & Bacon sandwich with gravy

    By Dee Tourville
    Just had a craving for bacon, fried tomatoes & bacon gravy................so this is what I threw...

    Creamy Bacon Pasta With Coffee Spice Rubbed Scallops

    By cindy sandberg
    This is another "Mystery ingredient" challenge entry. I had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for...

    Bean & Bacon Soup With Cornbread Waffles

    By Sheri Zarnick
    I make this especially in sub-zero temperatures. It warms my family. After cooking a ham, I...

    Sweet Potato Bacon Hash with Baked Eggs

    By Linda Dalton
    This sweet potato hash recipe originally came from Pat and Geena Neely and I enhanced the...

    Good Morning Bacon Muffins with Sweet Onion Butter

    By Jenny Powers
    This is a delicious and easy to make recipe. You can make these the night before...

    Bacon Biscotti with Maple Caramel

    By Sharon Damante
    These bacon rich biscotti have a secret ingredient twist... crystalized ginger. The ginger provides a sweet...

    Spinach Bacon Salad with Warm Dressing

    By Pauline Greenwood
    my family has been serving this on holidays for years!

    Bacon Pizza with Egg

    By Barbara Sartain
    One morning I was very hungry so I heated a slice of leftover bacon pizza and...

    Spam-Bacon Carbonara with Mushrooms

    By Dee Stillwell
    I have to admit to never making carbonara before, but have always wanted to. When this...
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