#Austrian Recipes

Austrian Palaschinken(austrian Rolled Crepes) Recipe

Austrian Palaschinken(Austrian Rolled Crepes)

By Penny Otte
This was a staple dinner for lazy Sunday nights taught to us by our Austrian dad. ...
Authentic German Holiday Stollen Recipe

Authentic German Holiday Stollen

By Linda Kauppinen
My grandmother used to make this stollen around the holidays and when we were having a...
Candied Fruit And Peels Recipe

Candied Fruit and Peels

By Linda Kauppinen
This is a 14 day long process on how to Candy your own fruits and Peels...
Rahmspinat/german Creamed Spinach Recipe

Rahmspinat/German Creamed Spinach

By Linda Kauppinen
This recipe comes from my great grandmothers from Austria. Growing up this was how our...
German Everyday Stollen Recipe

German Everyday Stollen

By Linda Kauppinen
This is the original recipe that my great grandmother Maria Zekoll brought over from Austria. ...
Real Black Forest Cake Recipe

REAL Black Forest Cake

By Linda Kauppinen
This is the real deal. No short cuts here and a labor of love! This...
Wiener Schnitzel Recipe


By Linda Kauppinen
Wiener Schnitzel is wonderful! What can I say!
Viennese Apple Strudel (altwiener Apfelstrudel) Recipe

Viennese Apple Strudel (Altwiener Apfelstrudel)

By Vickie Parks
This is actually an Austrian recipe (I picked German cuisine only because there was no option...
Trout With Fresh Lemon Caper Sauce Recipe

Trout with Fresh Lemon Caper Sauce

By Vickie Parks
Using fresh lemons for the lemon juice and lemon zest will truly increase the fresh citrusy...
Creamed Spinach Recipe

Creamed Spinach

By Lynette !
Creamed spinach is a favorite with Austrians, and is often served in fine restaurants. It...
Apple Strudel Recipe

Apple Strudel

By Lynette !
This recipe takes some time, but it is worth it. This is an Austrian Apple...
Marbled Gugelhupf Recipe

Marbled Gugelhupf

By Mikekey *
An Austrian cake, similar to an American Bundt cake.
Viennese Coffee Recipe

Viennese Coffee

By Carolyn Haas
Try this with 1/2 and 1/2 if you're watching calories/fat intake! As a child, visiting Vienna (Wien),...
Radler Recipe


By Carolyn Haas
A few years ago, I visited the famous Hofbrau Haus in Munich, Germany. This is what...
Belegte Brot (open-faced Sandwich With Variations) Recipe

Belegte Brot (Open-faced Sandwich with variations)

By Carolyn Haas
Popular in Germany, we had these type of sandwiches on Sundays after church. Also customary to...
Sirloins A La Girardi Recipe

Sirloins a la Girardi

By Lynette !
I love a good steak, and this sauce is divine.
Chicken With Cider And Cream Recipe

Chicken with Cider and Cream

By Lynette !
This is a really delicious chicken dish. Slightly sweet from the apple flavor, but still...
Oma's Thunfischsalat - Tuna Salad Recipe

Oma's Thunfischsalat - Tuna Salad

By Carolyn Haas
Found this in a website about Austrian food - this is pretty much how my German...
Apple-horseradish Sauce Recipe

Apple-Horseradish Sauce

By Mikekey *
A traditional condiment served with Austria boiled beef (Tafelspitz).
Orange-mocha Coffee Recipe

Orange-Mocha Coffee

By Carolyn Haas
This came from an Austrian website. Thank goodness, I still remember a bit of German! I...
Dutch Split Pea Soup Recipe

Dutch Split Pea Soup

By Carolyn Haas
Split pea soup is very popular in the Netherlands on cold winter or fall days -...