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Argentina Style Sausage Rolls & Chimichurri Sauce Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
It,s that time of year again. A house full of visitors tired of leftovers. Maybe you need...
Tasty Empanadas Recipe

Tasty Empanadas

By Lovefoodies lovefoodies
Tasty Empanadas - Oh boy! A great authentic Argentinian recipe sure to please your diners!
Argentinean Fries Recipe

Argentinean Fries

By Lynette !
Posted for play in a cooking game where chefs travel the world by preparing and tasting...
Chorizo And Potato Frittata Recipe

Chorizo and Potato Frittata

By Lynette !
Posted for play in Culinary Quest for South American recipes.
Chicken Empanadas Recipe

Chicken Empanadas

By Lynette !
Posted for play in Culinary Quest!
Hot Corn With Chimichurri Butter Recipe

Hot Corn with Chimichurri Butter

By Lynette !
Posted for play in Culinary Quest.
Choripan Recipe


By Lynette !
Argentinian Street Food.
Grilled Provoleta Recipe

Grilled Provoleta

By Lynette !
Gooey melted cheese!
Chimichurri Steak Topper Recipe

Chimichurri Steak Topper

By Carolyn Haas
I found a 10 yr old magazine clipping with some super steak toppers. This is one...
Potato And Cheese Casserole (pastel De Papas) Recipe

Potato and Cheese Casserole (Pastel de Papas)

By Vickie Parks
This is an Argentinian potato side dish. It's similar to a classic scalloped potatoes ...
Chimichurri Rice Recipe

Chimichurri Rice

By Vickie Parks
A delicious rice pilaf side dish with a chimichurri flavor base that gives it a distinct...
Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes (tomates Rellenos Con Atun) Recipe

Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes (Tomates Rellenos con Atun)

By Vickie Parks
Tomates Rellenos con Atun is popular in many Latin American countries. They can be stuffed...
Argentine Bread Pudding (bud De Pan) Recipe

Argentine Bread Pudding (Bud de Pan)

By Vickie Parks
After Flan, Bud de Pan (Bread Pudding) is one of the most popular dessert choices in...
Panqueques With Dulce De Leche Recipe

Panqueques with Dulce de Leche

By Vickie Parks
Fluffy Argentine style pancakes that are drizzled with homemade dulce lde leche for a sweet caramelized...
Refreshing Fruit Salad Recipe

Refreshing Fruit Salad

By Baby Kato
This fruit salad is memorable. A delightful mix of fruit chunks served with a delicious...
Simple Rice Pudding Recipe

Simple Rice Pudding

By Baby Kato
There is nothing better than this delicious, sweet, warm, milky rice pudding, that is sure...
Savory Shepherd's Meat & Potato Pie Recipe

Savory Shepherd's Meat & Potato Pie

By Baby Kato
This pie is wonderful; rich, spiced and full of flavor. With nutmeg in the potatoes...
Fried Cakes Recipe

Fried Cakes

By Baby Kato
I love these tasty treats and could eat them all by myself. They are wonderful...
Spicy Lime & Herb Dressing Recipe

Spicy Lime & Herb Dressing

By Baby Kato
This lovely dressing may be used to dress salads, or a marinade for steak or vegetables,...
Smashed Cucumbers Recipe

Smashed Cucumbers

By Baby Kato
I had smashed cucumbers last year for the first time...they were awesome. Smashing the cucumbers...
Whipped Coconut Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Whipped Coconut Sweet Potatoes

By Vickie Parks
Despite the short list of ingredients, this recipe produces a wonderful side dish of luscious whipped...
Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

Chimichurri Sauce

By Sue L
Argentine version of pesto sauce (not thick, more like vinaigrette) Makes one cup.
Choripan With Sauteed Onions And Chimichurri Aioli Recipe

Choripan with Sauteed Onions and Chimichurri Aioli

By Sue L
This version of the Argentine street food chorizo sausage on a bun is served with...
Argentine Sauteed Swiss Chard Recipe

Argentine Sauteed Swiss Chard

By Sue L
Argentine Sauteed Swiss Chard (Acelgas Saltada) is a simple and delicious treatment for an easy sauteed...