Appetizer Recipes

Prisnats Recipe


By Stacy Hutchinson
My Mother's side of the family is from Croatia. This bread is a family favorite...

Pickled Beet Eggs Recipe

Pickled Beet Eggs

By JoSele Swopes
My husband absolutely loves these...He will eat a jar by his self...When the kids were little...

Dill Dip (bonnie's) Recipe

DILL DIP (Bonnie's)

By Bonnie ^O^
Everyone who tastes it is hooked! It should carry a sign: Warning! Addictive! Enjoy!

Mexican Bruschetta Recipe

Mexican Bruschetta

By Vera Cardia
Add a little twist to the common bruschetta (which I love as much) but with a...

Curried Onion Relish Recipe

Curried Onion Relish

By S I
A favorite in school. This is really good on hot dogs, brats, burgers, grilled chicken...

Bea's Individual Mini Pizzas Recipe

Bea's Individual Mini Pizzas

By Bea L.
Kids, as well as adults, love these simple but tasty snacks. This is a great after...