Italian Meat Appetizer Recipes


By Nancy J. Patrykus
If you are ivited to an Italian party...wouldn't this be a great dish to take with...


By Bobbi Gulla
I use this on everything!!! I mean evrything, meat, chick, fish, vegetables, fruits. My Grandmon used...

Alfredo Pizza Bread

By Diane M.
I love food and I love to cook, but I don't want to spend all day...

Amazing Pepperoni Pizza

By Rachel Anthony
I love this pizza and the crust is sooo good! Its so quick and easy, you...

Anita's Pigs in a Blanket

By Sandra McGrath
My mother-in-law "Nita" would make these on a Sunday or holiday as an appetizer to hold...

Antipasta Crostini-Antipasta Platter

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
This is my favorite salad. Usually served on platter with lettuces, and bread. I just thought...

Antipasto Garlic Squares

By Doris Doucette
I have tweeked this over the years and hope you enjoy the additions.

Antipasto Platter

By Kimberly Biegacki
Happy New Year 2014 TO YOU ALL! This year for New Year's Eve my husband Anthony &...

Antipasto Salad

By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin
Every holiday growing up always began with Antipasto. And I have carried on this tradition. I...

Antipasto Salad/Sandwich Filling

By Sharron Boerum
A very filling salad to serve with toasted garlic bread or rolls for a sandwich. =^.~=

Antipasto Skewers

By Monica H
Usually anything antipasto can get expensive, especially when looking for luxurious cured meats and exotic cheeses...

Antipasto Skewers

By Jennifer H
I took this to a work luncheon and it disappeared in minutes. This is a great...

Antipasto Squares

By Gail Herbest
This is absolutely the best!! A cross between antipasto and a deep dish pizza. cut into...

Aranigi (Italian Meat Balls)

By Trina Martell
These take a little time to make but it's well worth it. I make a...

Awesome Italian Braided Pizza

By Andy Anderson !
Over the years, I’ve used this type of braiding technique for savory and for sweet recipes,...

Awesome Mini Pizza Bites

By Andy Anderson !
Had some time on my hands, looked into the pantry to see what I had… came...

Awesome Two -Bite Mini Meatball Subs

By Andy Anderson !
These little bites of flavor are not for your standard dinner party. They are a fun...

Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf Balls With Dipping Sauce

By Karen Sills
This recipe can be great for a meal with large meat loaf balls, or meat loaf...

Baked Meatballs

By Aurora McBee
This is a great, versatile make-ahead recipe. I often double the batch and freeze dinner-sized...

Baked Pasta with Sausage, Three Cheeses, and Spinach

By Andy Anderson !
You know what I love to do? Go into the test kitchen look though what’s available,...

Baked Potato with Sausage and Arugula

By Rose Rauhauser
This potato is like a meal, sometimes we eat 2 of them with Italian bread. It...

Balls filled with Goat cheese in Marinara Sauce

By Monika Rosales
Opened fridge and had Goat cheese looking at there you have it...

Balsamic glazed Chicken pops

By Giselle Gonzalez
These are great for a snack or as an appetizer. I make these for my family...

Barb's Meat Lovers Bruschetta

By Barbara Scott
Was bored and wanted something different. I love Bruschetta but was also in the mood...
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