Meat Appetizer Recipes Sifted

Chicken Dim Sum

Chicken Dim Sum

By Jenn Visser
We got to visit a dim sum restaurant on a trip to NYC recently, and I...
Sweet And Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken

By Farry Owens
This chicken is very flavorful. You will find that children especially love this dish as...
Enjoy Something Different That Will Tease Those Taste Buds!! I Don't Know About You, But I Get Bored With Same Old Meals, Time To Try Something New!

Sock-It-To-U Korean BBQ - Deb

By Debbie Wilson
I love Korean BBQ! It can be made many different ways. This recipe is for the...
Beef Lettuce Wrap

Beef Lettuce Wrap

By Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero
A delicious, easy, tasty and great for entertaining friends, or just an easy lunch for the...
Korean Lettuce Cups
Now You Just Roll Them Up And Eat Them Like A Burrito. Enjoy

Korean Lettuce Cups

By Sandy Griffin
Got this recipe from Darrel a friend of mine who loves oriental food like me. These...
Chinese Spareribs With Hoisin Sauce

Chinese Spareribs With Hoisin Sauce

By Skip Davis
This recipe will produce Ribs that are exactly like the ones served in Hong Kong. The...
Diane's Way To Make Egg Rolls


By Diane Eldridge
i was talkin to my sis on the phone,when she gave me part of this recipe......
Fruitcake Cheese Loaf

Fruitcake Cheese Loaf

By Pat Duran
This recipe by Yunhee Kim of Food Network recipes is very delicious.It is very unusual...
Pam's Pork And Shrimp Eggrolls

Pam's Pork and Shrimp Eggrolls

By Pam Ellingson
This is a recipe I got when I took a Chinese cooking class from a wonderful...
Shredded Pork Egg Rolls

Shredded pork egg rolls

By Candi Hummer
These dont last long in my house, I literally have to hide them from the family...
Super Tasty, Thai Honey Garlic Chicken Wings ! They Will Blow Your Mind. Yummo

Thai Honey - Garlic Chicken Wings

By Lori Fry-Gordon
This is a version that I came up with after I became bored with just the...
Uses For Strawberry, Mango, Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Uses for Strawberry, mango, jalapeno pepper jelly

By Stormy Stewart
I make this new recipe for Strawberry, mango, jalapeno pepper jelly Because I didn't have all...
Hawaiian Bbq Beef Ribs

Hawaiian BBQ Beef Ribs

By Lynda Hayes
I had these ribs while in Hawaii. It's not your normal ketchup BBQ sauce. The secret is...
Chicken Satay W/ Peanut Sauce &  Cucumber Relish

Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce & Cucumber Relish

By Marsha Gardner
Either served as a appetizer or main dish these wonderful little grilled chicken strips dipped in...
Chicken On A Stick (sallye)


By sallye bates
Finger food that most everybody likes. Easy to make, but a little time consuming
Sweet & Sour Pork (my Style)

Sweet & Sour Pork (My Style)

By Marie Baker
.. Get more recipes like this one @ ..
Spicy Sausage Egg Rolls

Spicy Sausage Egg Rolls

By Cherie Szilvagyi
Fun to make with the kids. Great as a dinner on the go. Freeze...

Salt - The Spice of Life

By JoSele Swopes
For every meal there is one thing people generally reach for before they even take a...
Chicken Wings Lee Kum Kee Way

Chicken Wings "Lee Kum Kee" Way

By Diane Atherton
Need a quick and tasty dish? This is it! This easy and delish wings recipe was...
Jambalaya Burgers Or Cocktail Cakes

Jambalaya Burgers or Cocktail Cakes with Remoulade

By Eddie Szczerba
I was brought up that throwing away good food was a sin so I always try...
Jambalaya Burgers Or Cocktail Cakes

Slow Cooker Asian Hot Wings

By Maya Turnor
LOVE! Can be made with wings or chicken breast. Cook time for both are the...
Asian Barbequed Pork Tenderloins

Asian Barbequed Pork Tenderloins

By Elaine Douglas
Inspired by Rachael Ray. This very fast entrée recipe is excellent sliced in sandwiches or on...
Asian Stuffed Mushrooms (sallye)


By sallye bates
A Super Bowl party treat. Easy to make, delicious to eat. Easy recipe to...
Pork Yummy With The Lightened Up Peanut Sauce.

Pork satay w/ lighter peanut dipping sauce

By sherry monfils
I had a recipe that I got from a friend many years ago that I just...

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