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A growing' word of the day ' list from Norene's "word of the day" entry. It is for me and anyone else whom needs a reminder of the words. The Ginkgo Biloba is to help the memory process so we don't have to depend on written list. :)


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  1. “quotidian” kwoh-TID-ee-un ; occurring every day,commonplace, ordinary
    "enamored" [ih-nam-er] ;to fill or inflame with love,to charm or captivate.
    "smarmy" SMAR-mee; revealing or marked by a smug,of low sleazy taste or quality
    'inimical' in-NIM-ih-kul; being adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence, having the disposition of an enemy : hostile
  2. "tantara tan-TAIR-uh
    Noun: the blare of a trumpet or horn
    "Homographs & Heteronyms
    Homographs are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning. A homograph that is pronounced differently is a heteronym.
    "poignant POY-nyunt
    1 a: painfully or deeply affecting the feelings b: designed to make an impression: cutting
    2: being to the point: apt
    "xeriscape ZEER-uh-skayp
    noun: a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (such as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation)
    "untenable un-TEN-uh-bul
    1 :not able to be defended
    2 :not able to be occupied
  3. 2-16-15
    “deflagrate DEF-luh-grayt
    1 : to burn rapidly with intense heat and sparks being given off
    2 : to cause to burn in such a manner
    “superfluous soo-PER-floo-us
    1 : exceeding what is sufficient or necessary : extra
    2 : not needed : unnecessary

    ‘vox populi VOKS-POP-yoo-lye
    Noun: popular sentiment
    ‘antebellum[an-tee-bel-uh m]
    before or existing before a war, especially the American Civil War; prewar:

    noun, pronounced WAM-ee
    1a : a supernatural power bringing bad luck
    1b : a magic curse or spell : jinx, hex
    2: a potent force or attack;...

    Histrionic is an adjective, pronounced his-tree-AH-nik
    1: deliberately affected : theatrical
    2: of or relating to actors, acting, or the theater

    “jeunesse dorée
    A noun, pronounced zheuh-ness-dor-RAY
    Young people of wealth and fashion

    adjective or adverb al•fres•co al-ˈfres-(ˌ)kō
    Meaning : in the open air: taking place or located in the open air : outdoor, outdoors

    “lampoon lam-POON
    verb : to make the subject of a satire : ridicule
  4. ______________2/23/15_________________
    “acumen uh-KYOO-mun
    noun: keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters
    “thrasonical thray-SAH-nih-kul
    adjective: of, relating to, resembling, or characteristic of Thraso : bragging, boastful
    "After pages of thrasonical twaddle sprinkled with fawning photos, charts and esoteric columns of numbers I learned only of the flawless perfection of the university...." — Peter B. Fletcher, Ann Arbor (Michigan) News, December 16, 2003
    “gourmand GOOR-mahnd Noun
    1: one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking
    2: one who is heartily interested in good food and drink
    “captious, pronounced KAP-shuss Adjective
    1: marked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections
    2: calculated to confuse, entrap, or entangle in argument
  5. ----------------------3-2-15--------------------------------------------
    “chatoyant, pronounced shuh-TOY-unt adjective
    Having a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light
    “thanatology, pronounced than-uh-TAH-luh-jee Noun
    The description or study of the phenomena of death and of psychological mechanisms for coping with them
    “sprightly, pronounced SPRYTE-lee adjective
    1: marked by a cheerful lightness and vivacity (as of movement or manner) : spirited
    “ilk, pronounced ILK noun
    “eolian, pronounced ee-OH-lee-un adjective
    borne, deposited, produced, or eroded by the windsort, kind
    “Dyspepsia dis-PEP-shuh Definition
    1: indigestion
    2: ill humor : disgruntlement

    “Fatidic fay-TID-ik adjective
    Definition: of or relating to prophecy

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