#Anise Recipes

Bizcochito (Mexican Holiday Cookie)

By JoSele Swopes
I love these cookies, since we moved to New Mexico it has been a big deal...

Anise Italian Cookies

By Carol Junkins
This cookie recipe was given to me by my Italian sister-in-law maybe 20 years ago. ...

Anise and Walnut Biscotti

By Deneece Gursky
My family loves anise and they love biscotti. This is a biscotti recipe that starts with...

Crisp Lemon Cookies with Anise Frosting

By Deneece Gursky
I found this recipe on the side of a Krusteaz Lemon Bar mix. I tweaked it...

Springerle Cookies

By Pam Ellingson
If you read the story on my Pfefferneuse cookies, you will understand why I love these...

Cinnamon Anise Star Cookies

By Kelly Williams
I LOVE licorice, but my hubby NO! LOL! So I get to enjoy a lot of...

Chai Latte

By Gale Reeves
Warm. spicy, soothing drink to enjoy any day.

Nana's Soft and Tasty Sugar Cookies

By Deneece Gursky
My Nana made these every year for Christmas and Easter too. They are one of my...

Family Secret Carrots

By Leslie Coleman
This is a colorful addition to an elegant dinner party table. But you will be...

Puerto Rican Cornmeal Dumplings

By Ana Santiago
These dumplings are a family favorite, especially with stewed codfish. You can also serve with stewed...

Italian Anisettes

By Kathie Carr
One of my mother-in-laws famous Christmas cookies. If your family does not like anise you...

Italian White Cookies

By Angela Pietrantonio
Of all the cookies in the world, these are my all time favorite. To me...

Red Wine Ice Cream with Walnuts and Cherries

By Robin DuPree
This is my own personal recipe that I created with several different variations. I choose...


By Nancy J. Patrykus
It is that time of the year ....again. Friends always want me to make pizzels for them,...

Gluten Free Pizzelle Italian Tye Plates

By andrea collins
This is my grandmas recipe for tye plates, the only thing I changed was the all...

Anise Drop Cookies

By L Bianchi
When my husband and I were in college we would make a 2 hour drive to...


By Nancy J. Patrykus
I love my Bath Tub Santa, and these cookies.! They are very simular to a Russian Tea Cake...

Chicken (Pollo) Tropical /Dominican Republic

By Robin DuPree
I loved the trio of tropical fruits that are added to the chicken and sauce. It...

El Ponche ( spiked hot milk)

By Monika Rosales
This is my mom's recipe..she has been making this all her life,whenever there is a "cold...

Turmeric Cake - Sfoof

By Cosette Khoryati
This is a Lebanese (Middle Eastern) cake-like dessert. Easy and delicious. Originally Sfoof is made with...

Swedish Limpa Rye Bread

By Family Favorites
Just a little different than your normal caraway rye with a hint of anise. Not a...

Not Your Mama's Sugar Cookie

By Terry Brooks
Received this recipe from a friend 37 years ago. I have tweaked it a little,...

ABSINTHE - How to Enjoy

By Suzy MacFarland
Its been a lot of fun tracking down absinthe the last few years and wanted to...
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