#Angelfood Recipes

Angel Torte with Chocolate Coffee filling

By Deneece Gursky
The coffee in this cake is optional. I usually only use it when I want to...

Blueberries and Cream Angel Food Cake

By Deneece Gursky
I have been promising a friend I would make a good old fashioned homemade Angel Food...

Angel Food Surprise

By Amanda Efird
No matter why I make this, it always disappears in a hurry! It is a...

Strawberries, Jello and Angel Cake

By Julia Ferguson
This is a great dessert for diabetics or any one wanting to cut out sugar. Also,...

Orange Angel Food Cake

By Mrs. Michael J. Lively
A Dear Friend called to see if i might be able to bake for a bake...

Peachy Keen Angel Cake w/Orange Frosting

By Mrs. Michael J. Lively
It was 7:30pm on a Saturday night after a long day of working outside. i needed...

Logan's Dessert Sammie

By Lynn Socko
You really have to try this. I'm not much for sweets, but this is a...

Sweets for my Sweetheart

By Lynn Socko
These are sweet little sammies for the Valentine's challenge.


By Chris T.
JUST 5 INGREDIENTS(ok,6 including the salt) :o).We love angel food cake,especially with strawberries and by the...

Angel Food Cake

By Cheryl Gross
This was my first attempt at making an angel food cake. I looked all over for...

Angel Food Chocolate Dream

By Catherine Thompson Floyd
Angel food cake, chocolate! WoW! This is a great way to use the left...

Angelfood Cake Souffle

By Cassie *
This dessert is like a bread pudding, with the texture of a Souffle..Not hard to make...

Raspberry Cheesecake Delite

By Susan Bickta
I created this recipe for my mother who is diabetic. I use sugar free and/or...

Angel Balsamic Cream Berry Cake

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
A tart berry cake I created for the summer holidays. Change up the fruits for any...
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