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Bill Is Digging In!
May 17, 2020


By Bonnie .
We loved this simple recipe which yielded such high results in the taste department. Oh,...
Instant Pot Alphabet Vegetable Soup
Sep 17, 2019

Instant Pot Alphabet Vegetable Soup

By Amy Herald
This soup is really simple to make. I use it as a side dish for sandwiches...
Two Pint Sized Canning Jars And Five 8 Oz. Canning Jars, Filled With Finished Yogurt, On A Counter.
Sep 15, 2019

Instant Pot Cold-Start Yogurt

By C C
Using ultra-pasteurized milk makes it possible to skip the first step normally done in yogurt making!...
So Yummy
Mar 12, 2019

Breakfast Essentials: Andy’s Egg Bumpers

By Andy Anderson !
I grew up eating these for breakfast, and I called them “Egg Bumpers.” Our housekeeper/cook asked...
Instant Pot French Dip Sandwich With Au Jus On The Side.
Jan 24, 2019

Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches

By Marvin Beachler
I've made French Dip sandwiches for years in the Crock Pot and it's been fine. But,...
Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread In Power Cooker Xl 10 Quart Pressure Cooker
Dec 26, 2018

Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread

By Catherine Ferensic
I have never made monkey bread until today I wasn't going to put fruit in this...
Spaghetti Squash On A Plate With Fork And Spoon.
Nov 24, 2018

Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash

By Barbara Miller
My first recipe using the 6 Quart Instant Pot. I have had the pot for almost...
Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa Turned Into Nachos.
Aug 24, 2018

Instant Pot Barbacoa Beef

By Jennifer H
This is a super easy, super tasty recipe for barbacoa beef. Once all the ingredients are...
Meatball Stew In The Instant Pot
Jun 7, 2018

Meatball Stew In The Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
This stew turned out to be delicious. I wanted to quickly put together a meal that...
Ribs - Instant Pot
Jun 1, 2018

My Delicious Ribs - Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
This recipe is all about being quick, simple, and delicious. No need to marinate the meat,...
Instant Pot - Meatloaf And Potatoes
Mar 10, 2018


By Jean Fisher
My husband favorite meal! Adapted several recipes and made this one to share.
Dulce De Leche - Instant Pot
Feb 13, 2018

Dulce de Leche - Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
There are dozens of ways to make this delicious treat. I have found that using the...
Slices Of Instant Pot Meatloaf With Potatoes And Green Beans.
Feb 1, 2018

Instant Pot Meatloaf and Potatoes

By J. White Harris
I got the idea for this from a recipe I saw on the internet. I decided...
Cinnamon Apple Raisin Steel Cut Oats
Jan 17, 2018

Cinnamon Apple Raisin Steel Cut Oats

By J. White Harris
Steel Cut Oats are more flavorful than the Quick Cook Oats but they usually take a...
Moist And Tender Instant Pot Turkey Breast
Jan 11, 2018

Moist and Tender Instant Pot Turkey Breast

By Family Favorites
One of my favorite ways to cook a moist, tender turkey breast for a main course...
Fish & Potato Chowder - Instant Pot
Jan 4, 2018

Fish & Potato Chowder - Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
I saw a recipe on the internet that gave me the inspiration for this delicious chowder....
Serving Camp Rice
Jan 1, 2018

Camp Rice in the Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
Camp Rice has become one of our favorite dishes. It can be either a side dish...
Linguine With Garlic Bread & Greek Salad/yogurt Dressing
Jul 4, 2017

Linguine in the Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
This entire recipe can be cooked in the Instant Pot without having to use any other...
Scotch Egg With Sweet Potato Salad
May 31, 2017

Scotch Eggs - Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
Since I first learned about Scotch Eggs I have made some refinements and adapted it to...
Sausage And Rice Risotto
Apr 25, 2017

Sausage and Rice Risotto in The Instant Pot

By J. White Harris
I took a recipe I had been working on for risotto and adapted it for the...
My Photo
Jan 17, 2017

Vintage Creamy Rich Rice Pudding (Pressure Cooker)

By Family Favorites
When I was a child and not feeling well, my mom and grandma always brought out...
Pressure Cooker Rice Pudding
Jan 7, 2017

Pressure Cooker Rice Pudding

By Lisa Walker
My Husband got me an XL Pressure Cooker for Christmas, I am am really enjoying it....
My Photo
Nov 10, 2016

Pressure Cooker Buttery Garlic Mashed Potatoes

By Family Favorites
Are you hosting friends and family for a large dinner and need extra burner space? Your...
Pressure Cooker Meatballs For Italian Sub Or Pasta
Nov 7, 2016

Pressure Cooker Meatballs for Italian Sub or Pasta

By Family Favorites
I recently purchased an electric pressure cooker and am having SO much fun exploring a whole...

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