#4th Of July Recipes

Sam's Southwest Halibut With Roasted Corn Pico De Gayo Recipe

Sam's Southwest Halibut with Roasted Corn Pico de Gayo

By Ashley Muller
My brother grew up in New Mexico eating pico de gayo on everything. Now he...
4th Of July Popcorn Recipe

4th of July Popcorn

By Ken Fisk
Just created this for our fireworks party. Kids love it!
Nancy's Shrimp Dip Recipe

Nancy's Shrimp Dip

By Lolly St John
This recipe came into our family through my brother's past girlfriend, Nancy. Where ever you are,...
Star Spangled Pie Recipe

Star Spangled Pie

By Kim Biegacki
Wow, I found a wonderful light version of a cheesecake in this recipe. Plus with the...
Red, White And Blue Flag Recipe

Red, White and Blue Flag

By Kim Biegacki
I saw several different types of this edible flag on the internet and wanted to create...
4th Of July White Chocolate Strawberries Recipe

4th of July White Chocolate Strawberries

By Sarah Farrand
This are so quick and easy, plus kid-friendly on all areas of prep, and SO yummy!...
4th Of July Cake Recipe

4th of July Cake

By Kim Biegacki
This is a wonderful tasting cake and I absolutely love the icing. It is so light,...
Jell-o® Angel Lush Recipe

Jell-O® Angel Lush

By Kat Keen
I'd like to state, the main image is thanks to Kraft®. Humidity was not my friend...
Patriotic Gelatin Fruit Salad Recipe

Patriotic Gelatin Fruit Salad

By Fredda Rosenbaum
The combination of cherry pie filling and strawberry gelatin came about by accident. I began...
Coconut Refrigerator Cake Recipe


By Tee G
This is a cool, moist and very sweet cake. It's very easy to make and is...
Dad's 4th Of July Ribs Recipe

Dad's 4th of July Ribs

By Sue Weaver
Fireworks were always a big part of our 4th of July festivities on the river, but...
Wyoming Beans Recipe

Wyoming Beans

By Chris L.
My sister-in-law served these over the 4th of July weekend. Very yummy, and different from the...
Hearty Baked Beans Recipe

Hearty Baked Beans

By Sara Andrea
My 85 year old father-in-law loves beans and these are at the top of his list.
Crab/seafood Pasta Salad Recipe


By Tee G
This is my original recipe for a delicious seafood salad that is versatile. It can be...
Strawberry Tiramisu, T's Way Recipe

Strawberry Tiramisu, T's Way

By Tee G
I created this recipe because I wanted to do something different with the beautiful, sweet, red...
Juicy Burgers With Caramelized Onions Recipe


By Tee G
Be sure to have plenty of napkins handy when you serve these burgers! I created the...
Easy Jello Patriotic Pie Recipe

Easy Jello Patriotic Pie

By Annelise Friedman
A really quick and easy pie that's perfect for the 4th of July and Memorial Day! Photo...
Red, White And Blue Icebox Cake Recipe

Red, White and Blue Icebox Cake

By Annelise Friedman
A really easy cake that's perfect for the 4th of July and Memorial Day! My mom...
4th Of July Jello Cake Recipe

4th of July Jello Cake

By Annelise Friedman
This is a time consuming but amazingly beautiful recipe! There are a lot of steps involved...
Best Ever Bean Casserole-doris St John Recipe


By Lolly St John
My Mom, Doris St. John, made these beans since the 1970s. They are great for BBQs,...
#1 Bbq Sauce Recipe

#1 BBQ Sauce

By Dave T.
This is a thin Carolina type sauce, it does not need refrigerated, even after opening. It's...
Country-style Beefy Baked Beans Recipe


By Tee G
This is my husband's favorite baked beans recipe. It's based on what he recalls of his...
Memphis Barbecue Chicken Recipe

Memphis Barbecue Chicken

By Lynette !
I've been trying different barbecue chicken recipes and found this one. Personally, I season the...
My Loco Orange Coleslaw Recipe

My Loco Orange Coleslaw

By Tammy Brownlow
This is a sweet and tangy coleslaw that is wonderfully different. It will brighten up...