#350 Recipes

Sausage Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Sausage Turkey Stuffing

By Deanna Saxton
My mom came up with the original recipe. I've aadded a few additional items. Everone wants...
This Is The Best Blueberry Bread Recipe

This is "THE BEST" Blueberry Bread

By karen selznick
Twenty years ago my daughter was invited to a friends home to "play". The friends cook...
Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe

Chocolate chip cake

By Joann Priga
My children and Grandchildren fight over this cake of whose going to take it home with...
Chicken Pockets Recipe


By Regina Lucky
Had these Chicken Pockets at a card party at a local church. They were served with...
Oatmeal Cake Recipe

Oatmeal Cake

By Jean Fisher
This is a very moist cake. A cake that my Grandmother & Mother frequently made. Great...