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Cookie Season is Here

Rainbow Cookies

I just love the holiday season. Sometimes I think I should call it cookie season, after I finish making all of my holiday goodies. Remember ... calories don't count at Christmas, so feel free to sample as many as you want. I have my favorites, but each year I like add a few new ones to the mix. Here are a few I'm thinking about adding to the list this year.

"The adults have been busted for raiding the refrigerator late at night while visiting over the holidays," says Sara D. about her Oatmeal Caramelita's. "This is an irresistible bar that joined our Christmas Cookie list a few years ago." After one bite of these, I can see why. The caramel and chocolate add gooeyness, while the oatmeal makes for a light crunch. Well, this one is definitely going on MY cookie list this year.

Thea Pappalardo's Rainbow Cookies have a distinct flavor that makes them really special (and the colors are adorable!). "I make these every Christmas. Everyone loves [these] and says they are better than those from the bakery," says Thea. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of these cookies. Whenever I get to New York City, I head to the bakeries in Little Italy and grab these (so I know my rainbow cookies). Thea's right. They are better than the bakery!

There's nothing better for me than a classic gingerbread cookie. What cookie tray is complete without gingerbread? I couldn't stop eating Doris Ware's Gingerbread Cookies. This cookie brings me back to my childhood. "All five of my kids and myself made these," says Doris. "They enjoying picking out their own cookie cutter they wanted." This was a good, classic gingerbread recipe. I was a kid again cutting out and decorating mine.

My cookie fantasy came true after I tasted Rosemarie Zub's Dolly's Chocolate Snowballs. If a chocolate chip cookie met a snowball, this would be the outcome. As Rosemarie says, "they simply melt in your mouth." Your kids and grandkids will eat these up. I know this big kid sure did!

I love to try cookies from different parts of the world. I came across Elsa Dreyer's recipe and it intrigued me. "These cookies or jam and coconut tartlets are known as Hertzog koekis in South Africa," says Elsa of her recipe. "[They] are part of our traditional recipes." These were sweet, light and delicious. I used the traditional apricot jam when I made these. But try a jam that your family likes.

Grab the kids, grandkids or maybe even the hubby (if you're lucky!), get those baking sheets out and start baking up a storm. I'm sure whatever you make, will turn out wonderful. I wonder which of my cookies Santa will enjoy most this year?

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Bob Cooney - Dec 9, 2013
Thank you Test Kitchen very very much,,,'
You folks are the absolute BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,,,

Merry Christmas

Fireman Bob :)
Kitchen Crew - Dec 9, 2013
Hi Bob ... Yes, you are able to link your websites to your recipes on Just A Pinch. You can link your recipes on Just A Pinch to your blogs/websites too. Typically people add the links within the Notes area of their recipes. Hope that helps!
Bob Cooney - Dec 8, 2013
Thank You Melissa :)
Melissa Baldan - Dec 8, 2013
Bob, it's best to ask these questions here: justapinch.com/support/help
Bob Cooney - Dec 8, 2013
Hello Janet.... There seems to be a question on our own websites??? Are we allowed to link our own websites to our recipes??? I offered to be the spokes person and ask...
Thank you for all You do and everyone there at JAP... Thanks for a great time in Vegas and it was an honor to meet you and Dave and everyone else...
Bed ridden Fireman Bob :)