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White Bean & Spinach Soup

The days have gotten shorter and it's getting dark so much earlier now. Don't know about you, but I'm really missing the warm weather. I seem to have a little chill all the time these days. And want to know how I love to warm up (besides grabbing my favorite woolen sweater)? A nice, hot bowl of soup. Come the cooler months, soups are such an easy meal to put together.

"This is a fast, hearty soup," says Debbie Kirk about her Vegetable Tortellini Soup. "Serve with salad and crusty bread for a complete meal." If you have some serious meat-eaters at your table (like I do), you can easily add cubed beef to the recipe. That said, this is good on it's own. What a great easy, quick meal idea. This is one serious soup.

Lynnda Cloutier's Cream of Brie Soup is so rich it's practically a meal in itself. A real palate-pleaser for any cheese lover. "This soup is so good, with lots of melted brie in it," says Lynnda. Want to make this even more decadent? Try using cream instead of milk. Whoowee!

Looking for a lighter option? Look no further than Cynthia Holbert's White Bean & Spinach Soup recipe. "Finally! A yummy, healthy Italian soup," exclaims Cynthia. The zesty cayenne and lovely black wild rice make this recipe kicky in more ways than one. A terrific way to warm up on a cool day!

Nothing says soup more (or warms you up better) than a wonderful bowl of chicken noodle soup. Well, Jessica Mills' Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup recipe is just like grandma used to make! "You just can't eat one bowl full - it always has you coming back for seconds," says Jessica. For me, this soup is perfectly salty and satisfying.

Now, I'm throwing you for a little loop with this recipe. I've told you all I do taco nights ... well I love this soup for a taco night twist. Danielle Moran's Famous Taco Soup recipe has a different taste than other taco soups I've tried. I think it may be the cilantro. Just the right amount for my taste buds, but switch it up to suit yours. The addition of hominy is also a nice touch. "This can be made in a crock pot," says Danielle of this delicious soup. A perfect recipe to have simmering all day long.

Soups are one of the most versatile recipes to create. So, go open your pantry and see what "soup-er" recipe you can come up with!

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Susan Gardner - Dec 24, 2013
In making a lemon poppy seed bread I left out 2 tablespoons of Oil by mistake. I'm afraid to give it for a gift. Will it make a huge difference?
Penny Roberts - Dec 13, 2013
I use leftover pumpkin in pancakes...my grandson loves them.
John White - Nov 28, 2013
you could make pumpkin soup heres a link to a recipe for pumpkin soup allrecipes.com/recipe/pumpkin-soup
chance hackett - Nov 27, 2013
you can make pumpkin bread