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Giving Thanks ... For Some Wonderful Recipes!

Easy Turkey with Apple & Glaze

How can the holiday season be here already? Wasn't it just New Year's and we were making resolutions for the year? (Which reminds me, I still need to work on a few of mine ...) I know each year I typically make the same dishes for my Thanksgiving dinner. And why not? They are family traditions and wonderful! But this year, I'm thinking about trying some of the recipes you have shared that are part of your Thanksgiving traditions.

The turkey is the center of the meal on Thanksgiving. Add some seasonings, butter, roast it in the oven and you have one tasty bird. But, looking to serve it a little different this year? Sherry Monfils' Easy Turkey with Apple & Glaze is so delicious and I love the addition of apples. What a great, easy twist! This bird came out so moist and had the most wonderful rich and deep flavors.

Colleen Barrett's Mom's Deluxe Mashed Potatoes recipe is a great way to switch-up traditional mashed potatoes. "This dish was an instant hit [with my family] and has been a tradition at all of our holiday tables ever since." The addition of carrots and dill make these amped up mashed potatoes simply spectacular.

Another dish that I love is stuffing (or dressing depending on what part of the country you are in). It's one of those traditional side dishes, that everyone seems to scoop up. And I just love the Mom's Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe Robyn Bruce shared. "My mom is 91 years old now, but through the years the best thing about Thanksgiving was the stuffing," says Robyn of her cherished recipe. I can't get enough of this wonderfully classic stuffing recipe.

I'm surprised I was able to take a photo to share with everyone when I made Debra Shute's Beet Salad. I couldn't stop eating it. Don't like beets? I think this recipe may change your mind. "My grandmother always had this with the Thanksgiving turkey," says Debra. I'm definitely going to serve this at my Thanksgiving meal, may even add it to my Christmas dinner too.

I also know Erin Latch's Mom's Chess Pie is going to be on the menu this year. "My mom passed this recipe on to me years ago," says Erin. "Everyone loves her chess pies!" Perfectly sweet, smooth and creamy ...what's not to love?

After a full day of eating, it's nice to cap off the meal with a nice cup of tea. Deanne Dyer's Hot Cranberry Tea is THE tea to enjoy over the holidays! "This yummy, tasty drink is a tradition in our family during the holidays," says Deanne. You can make this ahead of time and just reheat it when you're ready to relax.

There is nothing better than sitting around the table with family and friends, being thankful for all our blessings and enjoying an amazing meal. What are some of the things you are thankful for this year? I know I'm thankful for all the recipes you have shared with us!

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Megan Todd - Nov 22, 2013
Sounds delicious!! Especially the chocolate bourbon cake!! :) Yum Yum!!
Kathy Griffin - Nov 22, 2013
Megan that sounds awesome,I too come from a large family, so holidays are always HUGE. We always get together, make a menu then divide it up. I always do a turkey, but this year I am going to smoke 2 turkey breast, then I am making Bob W's Corn Cakes and Diane Smith's Rich Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Cake . My list is very small this year as our children are grown and they get to cook as well. Of course daddy will make the dressing and of course I will probably make a couple other things to take, like I always do lol. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
Megan Todd - Nov 19, 2013
This year I get to host my Grandparents for Thanksgiving! They are in their 80's and will be celebrating 66 years of marriage the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 29th!! I grew up with my grandparents, and many of the recipes I share are my grandmother's or my great grandmother's with my own added touches. Thanksgiving was always a HUGE family affair... my grandparents had 8 kids, who all had 3 or more kids of their own, & I happened to grow up in my grandparents' home. So our table was always Stuffed with delicious foods for the Holidays! I continue this tradition with my own family and invite anyone who needs a home for Thanksgiving to our table. But this year will be special. I get to show my grandmother how I've taken her recipes and added my own flavors to them. Grandpa will make the homemade eggnog of course... it's his tradition! And Loved by my children!! Our dinner includes the Turkey of course, some appetizers, Sausage cranberry stuffing, Cornbread stuffing, Sweet potato casserole, Sour cream mashed potatoes, Italian greens, sweet creamed peas, cranberry sauce, homemade Italian bread, Pumpkin pie with my grandmother's ol' Fashioned Flaky Pie Crust , Pumpkin Logs made my great grandmother's way....
I will be sharing some of these wonderful recipes that I am so happy to teach my kids how to make and carry on the tradition! :) Happy eating!