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What's A Grill to Do? So Many Recipes, So Little Time

Smokr's Beef Tri Tip

Helloooooo, summer! Oh, how I've missed you so. The cozy fires and walks in the snow were charming and all, but these wet boots are messing up the hallway and my garden tools are gathering dust. I hereby declare it summer... and time to grill!

Chip "Danger: Man Cooking" Burrus sure does know his way around a grill. This West Virginia native has been sharing his favorite summertime recipes, and his stand-out grilled Chicken a L'Orange serves-up a tasty blast of summer flavor that fits in just right alongside a cold glass of lemonade.

Chip admits to a soft-spot in his heart for one spice in particular.

"I tend to go heavy on the cumin (in most every recipe)," says Chip. "It's so smoky all by itself and really adds something special to grilled meat. I add it to recipes whenever I can."

Another clever member who is clearly at home in front of a grill is Raphe Reeves of Murfreesboro, TN! The Kitchen Crew and I could not wait to try his method for preparing Beef Tri Tip on the grill. Tri tip is a very versatile cut of beef from the bottom sirloin primal cut. It often has one side that is fattier than the other and here Raphe advises us to cook the meat with the fat side up for best results.

"Cooking it fat side up will keep it juicy and allow the fat to go [right] to 'your thighs'," jokes Raphe.

But right he is! This cut of "thigh meat" has never tasted better. Raphe's dish is exceptionally tender and has all the right punches of flavor: garlic, dill, rosemary... What a delight.

But what of dessert? Help a grill gal out... Do you have any tasty sweet treats that are right at home on the grill? Do tell!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! May your grill always be hot and your drinks stay forever cold...

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Laura Piwowarski - Jun 16, 2013
Peel pineapple, slice about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick and slap it on the grill, let it get a little caramelized on both sides.
Karen Fletcher - Jul 25, 2010
Wow....I want to try all of these!
Teresa Koepke - Jul 9, 2010
put fresh peach halves (or I suppose canned peach halves might work, too) "meat" side down on the grill just long enough to make them nice & warm. pull them off the grill and place them in bowls with a scoop of ice cream in the middle of each half. YUMMMM!
Candace Breaux - Jun 23, 2010
another Apple treat.. cut apple of choice in half, core it out making an 'apple cup', fill with caramel and granola (I use cereal), put the apple back together and wrap in foil. The cooking time depends on how cooked you want the apple. I like mine a bit crunchy so put it in the coals for about 10 mins. De-lish!
Polly Anna - Jun 17, 2010
Chocolate trumps all other desserts! I've seen brownie recipes used for a gas grill, but nothing beats s'mores! You can be creative and add fruit slices or a dab of caramel or peanut butter to the basic marshmallow,graham cracker and chocolate bar. Best of all...the ingredients are still yummy if you get rained out!
Jan Mullikin - Jun 17, 2010
Is it always called Tri Tip? I've never seen this in the grocery store, but as I said above--I'm stuck when it comes to grilling! Going to Krogers today to get a Tri Tip for Father's Day grillin' out!
Jan Mullikin - Jun 17, 2010
I am so 'stuck in the mud' when it comes to grillin'--can't wait to step out of the box and try some of these new recipes. Love the apple packs ideas. We always take Vidalia onion, score an x on top, poke butter, worchester or soy sauce, brown sugar and then put an ice cube down in the x. Wrap in foil and grill on the top shelf as your meat is grillin'. They're very tasty!
Rose O'Connell - Jun 15, 2010
Nadine that sounds really good. I can't wait to fix it for my grandson. It will also be fun for us to prepare it together.
NADINE REID - Jun 15, 2010
Seal apple slices, a marshmallow, and "just a pinch" of sugar and cinnamon in a foil packet for individual servings. Toss the packets on the grill while you enjoy your meal and you'll have a little sweet to enjoy with your after dinner coffee.