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Impressive Lime Recipes Get Cooks Talking

Creamy Lime Bars by Ann Simmons

Not only does the heat of Summer have me thinking about the refreshing flavors of citrus, but so do YOU! When the Crew and I recently shared a recipe for Creamy Lime Bars with our friends on the Just A Pinch Facebook page, it caused a swirl of excitement like we'd never seen before! We were inundated with requests for more details about the dish... and all things lime, for that matter!

The lime recipe that first caused a stir among our Facebook friends comes from Ann Simmons of Lugoff, SC. "A refreshing dessert for anytime," she says of her sweet little lime squares. And that's just part of why the Crew and I love this recipe so much! With a salty pretzel crust and yummy creamy filling, these bars are perfect for cooling down on a sticky summer night. That makes them Blue Ribbon all the way.

My fellow flavor fans were quick to point out, however, that limes are not meant for desserts alone. The intense citrus juice can work wonders beyond simple sugary sweets. A perfect example of this comes from Stephanie Mabry of Medina, TX. Her recipe for Ceviche Salad brings haute cuisine to the kitchens of the home cooks everywhere. "I had this dish several years ago at a restaurant that we visited on our way back from Las Vegas," Stephanie explains. "It was so hot outside and this salad was so cold and fresh. It really was delicious. As soon as I got home, I had to try and re-create it."

The wonder of this recipe - outside of the tremendously fresh flavors of shrimp, avocado, tomatoes and onion - is that the whole of the dish is "cooked" solely by the acidity of lime juice! It makes for quite an impressive presentation, indeed. We like to serve Stephanie's Ceviche with lightly seasoned sweet potatoes and rice. Think of it as a kicky cross between salsa and shrimp cocktail. It is one of my favorite no-heat recipes for an impressive summer supper.

Another on the list of my favorite lime lovelies is the Cilantro Lime Mayo that Oregon gal Lauren Mitchell serves with her savory Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. "This was a spur of the moment idea that turned out great," she says of her delightful pairing. "[The sandwiches are] super fast and healthy." Lauren grills her chicken with just a pinch of taco seasoning, which in my experience has led to perfect spice every time. Grill either indoors our out, then slather with your mayo of cilantro, garlic and oodles of lime juice for pure sandwich perfection!

The Crew and I have so enjoyed the conversation begun by the love of Ann's Creamy Lime Bars. You continue to inspire not only our cooking, but every nook and cranny of the Club. Keep those ideas coming and let us know what you and your friends have cooking - There's plenty of seats at the table... pull one up and join the kitchen conversation!

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channing egidi - Jun 24, 2011
oh, that bar looks soo good!
Linda Griffith - Jun 23, 2011
Hey ya'll, check it out. I just posted a recipe for Weight Watcher's Key Lime Pie. It's guilt free but you would never know it. You feel guilty eating it but you don't have to.
Gail Brady - Jun 21, 2011
On this new lime bar recipe.
Your pic on the front page is A LOT better than the person who submitted!
Barbara Gossett - Jun 21, 2011
I would like to have recipe
Jane Kirschner-Tuccillo - Jun 21, 2011
I love ANYTHING that combines lime, cilantro AND mayonaise! There's no cilantro or mayonaise in Annabelle's Key Lime Pie, but over 1,000 readers have bought my new children's book, ANNABELLE FROM SANIBEL, whether to get their hands on the pie recipe, or because they have a granddaughter named Annabelle, I don't know! But my family loves this recipe the BEST of any that I've whipped up, sometimes from key limes off my own tree in Sarasota, but when they're out of season, I lean towards Nellie and Joe's bottled juice. Love the idea of sharing recipes! It's so wonderfully Old-fashioned, like a Christmas cookie exchange or a Summer Pot Luck Salads only Supper on the Back Lawn!